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You’re not thinking of stopping by a wine store on the way to Friendsgiving, are you? Anyone can run to the nearest neighborhood shop and grab a bottle, but your Friendsgiving host will be so much more impressed with your gift-giving skills if you up your game and bring any one (or a few) of these life-savers to the table.

Jacobsen Salt Sampler, $34.99 on Amazon

Jacobsen Salt Sampler Gourmet Salt Gift Set


This six-vial sampler, which includes Smoked Ghost Chili and Vanilla Bean versions, is a favorite of chefs everywhere. You can pretty much guarantee your host won’t be able to wait to sprinkle them on everything, from popcorn to pork chops. Plus, the packaging is so spot-on that they can double as table decor.See It

What Do You Meme? Party Game, $29.97 on Amazon

What Do You Meme? Party Game


Coming to Friendsgiving with a game in hand means you’ve just relieved your host—and guests who don’t know each other yet—from making small talk. Plus, this hysterical game is a breeze to learn (think Apples to Apples, but with memes). It basically requires zero talent or skills, which is good news after a few glasses of wine.See It

Twill Kitchen Towels, 3 for $15 on Sur La Table

striped twill kitchen towels

Sur La Table

These striped kitchen towels aren’t just good-looking—they’re the unsung heroes of the kitchen. You can fold them up to use them as oven mitts, put them on the table as trivets, use them as napkins, and even put one underneath a cutting board to keep it from sliding around on the counter while you chop.See It

Bloody Mary Kit, $63.50 on Mouth

Gourmet Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

Okay, so your host probably isn’t going to dip into a Bloody Mary during Friendsgiving (well, who really knows what’s going on in the kitchen), but gifting a next-day-hair-of-the-dog cocktail kit is a nice way to give them a built-in brunch plan the following morning once all the guests have gone. Plus, they probably won’t feel like cooking anyway.See It

Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce, $16.99 on Amazon

Stonewall Kitchen Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce

Stonewall Kitchen

The best way to add a kick to store-bought pecan pie? This dreamy sauce, which can be drizzled right on top—or over vanilla ice cream and sticky buns.See It

Compostable Garbage Bags, 12 for $5.49 on Thrive Market

compostable garbage bags

Thrive Market

Though garbage bags aren’t the sexiest of gifts to bring to a friend’s house, think how happy your host will be when you’re cleaning off plates and tossing the green bean casserole nobody ate. Sometimes the practical stuff becomes the hero gifts!See It

Liquid Marseille White Tea Hand Soap, $28.00 on Amazon

Savon Liquide French white tea hand soap


Sure, you could spring for that other brand of expensive soap (ahem, you know the one), but this one is slightly cheaper and totally chic enough to work with anyone’s bathroom decor.See It

Boylan’s Classic Seltzer, $1.48 – $2.04 on Drizly

Boylan's Classic Seltzer


Bubbly water is great for mixing cocktails, and you can never have enough at dinner parties. It can also be your go-to for the night if you’ve offered to be the one to drive people home.See It

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera, $49.99 on Amazon

Instax mini Polaroid Camera


Take on the role of designated documentarian with an instant camera that’s a good ice breaker for a big group—and a way to remember the party when the details get fuzzy later on in the night.See It

Stroopwafel Holiday Box, $5.49 at World Market

holiday stroopwafel box

World Market

There’s no such thing as too much dessert. Slip a stroopwafel on top of everyone’s coffee mug once the joe has been poured, and the heat from the bevvie will melt the caramel that’s nestled between the two thin waffle wafers. And yes, it’s as heavenly as it sounds.See It

Unscented Votive Candles, 8 for $8.29 at Target

unscented votive candles


Help set the mood at the table—without causing a stink—with handfuls of inexpensive unscented candles. Because everyone looks better in candlelight, an important detail when you’re all stuffing your faces.See It

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