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Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without certain things, like costumes, or scary movies. And Halloween candy is a must, for sure. But it’s not necessary to consume a frightening amount of sugar. These healthy Halloween treats are all delightful, and can help fill you up before you overdo it on the fun-size Snickers bars.

Scary Good SuppliesKitchen Gadgets to Help You Prep for Your Halloween PartyMost of these snacks will appeal immensely to kids, but be just as welcome at a grown-up gathering; if you can’t have a little fun at a Halloween party, what’s the point? And while there are a few clever tricks employed, none are complicated to pull off.

You’ll rely mostly on nature’s own colors and shapes, and combine them in inventive ways to make something unexpectedly delicious. Some familiar produce aisle items barely require any manipulation at all—tangerines are tiny pumpkins, and avocados the perfect shade of witchy green. A couple simple knife cuts transform carrots and apples into perfect Halloween snacks, and you won’t believe what you can do with some ricotta and olives (but if you’re a fan of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” you’ll want to find out).

Apple Monster Bites

The classic rendition of this simple snack is two apple slices held together with peanut butter and mini marshmallows, but if you want to put in just a tiny bit more work, it’s totally worth it. Strawberry slices are fantastic tongues, and sunflower seeds gloriously gnarly teeth—and this allergy-friendly version swaps in sunflower seed butter too. You can buy candy googly eyes, but if you need a vegan version, this recipe even includes DIY instructions for edible eyes. In either case, they’re affixed to the apple with a dab of sunbutter. Get the Apple Monster Bites recipe.

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Tangerine Pumpkins

Sometimes all it takes to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies is a little window dressing—and sometimes even adults like a little whimsy with their healthy snacks, which is super easy to achieve when you peel a tangerine and turn it into a pumpkin via the addition of a simple celery stem. Get the Tangerine Pumpkins recipe.

Jack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups

Tangerine and orange peels make perfect jack-o-lanterns too. All you have to do is carve a face with a sharp knife, then fill them up with fresh fruit or whatever else you fancy, like sorbet or ice cream (which isn’t really all that healthy, but at least the serving size is petite). For a fully edible savory version, try the same thing with orange bell peppers too. Get the Jack-o’-Lantern Fruit Cups.

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Halloween Guacamonsters

If you’re making guacamole for a party anyway, stick it back in the shells and add a few simple edible decorations to turn them into scary-adorable appetizers. (Smashed avocados also make a great, ghoulish green base for easy cucumber slice eyes, with irises of sliced string cheese and pupils of halved black beans, a la this Monster Pita Pizza recipe.) Get the Halloween Guacamonsters recipe.

Carrot Pumpkins

As for what to dip in said guac (or hummus, or whatever else you like), supplement the tortilla chips with plenty of crunchy vegetables for healthier snacking that’s still satisfying—and turn the carrots into mini pumpkins for extra seasonal appeal. Get the Carrot Pumpkins recipe.

Pumpkin Deviled Eggs with Pimento Cheese

Deviled eggs are easily turned into pumpkins too, with a few simple lines pressed into the filling with a toothpick, and snipped chive stems. These contain pimento cheese for a nice change of pace, but you can also make them with actual pumpkin in them to stay totally on theme (and a little healthier too). Get the Pumpkin Deviled Eggs with Pimento Cheese recipe.

Frozen Boo-nana Pops

Punny, cute, dead-simple, and pretty good for you too, these frozen banana pops are dipped in white chocolate with mini semisweet chip eyes. Get the Frozen Boo-nana Pops recipe.

Strawberry Ghosts

You can give strawberries the same treatment. Just dip them in white candy coating, white chocolate, or even in yogurt, then draw on a face with melted chocolate, an edible marker, or simply use mini chocolate chips to make it even easier. Get the Strawberry Ghosts recipe.

Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts

These gluten-free mini tarts have a layer of olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and thyme in the bottom, and on top, an egg white-enhanced mixture of ricotta cheese and Greek yogurt—the perfect bone-white canvas on which to fashion the Pumpkin King’s face from black olives. Make him as scary, or as sweet, as you want—and use whatever pastry recipe you like best (even store-bought crust). Get the Jack Skellington Ricotta Olive Tarts recipe.

Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza

For better or worse, Day of the Dead sugar skulls have become a common motif for Halloween too, and they are always eye-catching. Artfully arranging a rainbow of fruit on a sweet dessert pizza is an easy way to achieve stunning results. Bonus: the cookie crust and cream cheese frosting have been lightened up so they don’t cancel out all the nutritional benefits of the fruit (aka, nature’s candy). Get the Sugar Skull Fruit Pizza recipe.

Orange Monster Face Cupcakes

Orange Monster Face Cupcakes


If you’re still fiending for something a little more sugary, our monster-face cupcakes will sate your sweet tooth, but are still healthier than your average baked good, thanks to orange juice, low-fat milk, and low-fat Greek yogurt in the batter. There’s really no wrong way to decorate them, either, so go ahead and get freaky. Get our Orange Monster Face Cupcakes recipe.

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