Take a break from all the roses and talking teddy bears tomorrow at one of Altoids’ temporary Anti-Valentine’s Day pop-up shops. Offering samples of the company’s new chocolate-dipped mints (plus lots of free swag, including free lattes and cupcakes from hipster-approved local bakeries), the shops are, of course, a big marketing gimmick, but the cynics among us (yes, you, and you too) appreciate the whole love-stinks angle as an antidote to the whole red-plush commercialization of Feb. 14, also known as “Buy Stuff or You Won’t Get Laid.”

The shops, which will be open through Valentine’s Day, can be found in Chicago (and here’s some feedback from Apartment Therapy and Chicagoist), New York City, and Miami.

A free latte and, even better, a free cupcake (plus a handful of mints) sounds swell. Now, if only Charmin were still running that much-appreciated, monthlong Times Square toilet installation. Because even more than a cupcake, nothing says “I love you” like a clean place to pee.

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