I saw my first jack-o-lantern on the way to work this morning and wanted to throw up. While fall is my favorite season, the thought of pumpkin-themed anything in September is Ugg-wearing sorority girl levels of basic. And I’m just not ready for it. In protest, I brought a bevy of goodies to The Taylor Strecker Show that are delicious year-round (with the exception of one drink). Per usual, we sampled with Naughty Gossip‘s Rob Shuter, gave our honest feedback, and rounded up our final thoughts below. Enjoy!

Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice

I had the luxury of traveling to Massachusetts to check out one of Ocean Spray’s cranberry bogs and this new juice is legit. If you’re a fan of cranberry‘s flavor profile, but not a fan of its tartness, this special pink batch strikes a happy medium. Taylor and Rob raved about it, as well as the company’s decision to donate a part of their proceeds to breast cancer research. Vodka cranberries for a cause? I’ll drink to that.

Cape Cod Pink Himalayan Salt and Red Wine Vinegar Potato Chips

Salt and vinegar chips get an upgrade with another product that’s giving back. We already know that Cape Cod reigns supreme when it comes to chips, but these are next-level good. In fact, Taylor demanded that I surrender the bag before leaving and I’m now crying at my desk and regretting this decision.

Seven-Layer Dip Pringles

Oh, Pringles. Just when we think you can’t possibly come up with another delicious flavor iteration, you more than deliver. This chip tastes exactly like seven-layer dip! The recipe developers were also brilliant enough to utilize corn flour as its base to imitate a tortilla. But what would happen if you used one of these chips to dip into seven-layer dip? So meta.

Annie’s Gluten-Free Cheddar Bunny Tails

These are just okay. As a gluten-free alternative to mainstream crackers like Cheez-Its and Goldfish, they certainly hold their own, but are we going to go out of our way to incorporate these into our daily snacking rituals? Probably not. They sure are adorable and perfect for kids, though.

TruWomen Protein Bars

Sound the alarms. We may have found a protein bar that we actually like! Firstly, the packaging is beyond adorable…and also hunger-inducing with flavors like Daydreaming About Donuts and Zamn Good Zesty Lemon. While we’re not huge fans of the sugar content, these bars—which taste like they’re iced in frosting—pack a protein punch at 12 grams and are completely plant-derived. Yum!

Just Cookie Dough

Your dreams of *safely* eating cookie dough directly from the bowl have been fully realized with this delicious product from Just (the makers behind my favorite Sriracha mayo.). Frankly, the only problem is portion control. I sampled the birthday cake variety and polished off half a jar within 10 minutes. Needless to say, it was worth rescheduling my physical this morning.

Pure Leaf Tea with Cider

I enjoyed this drink immensely (what’s not to love about seasonal cider?), but Taylor and Rob had a slight aversion to its smell and super-sweet taste. Those looking for an unsweetened and bagged variety should purchase my go-to tea: Celestial Seasonings’ Cinnamon Apple Spice. But if you don’t have the nose of a bloodhound are looking to celebrate fall early, this is a completely fine option and one that would definitely taste delicious with alcohol.

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