Now that fall is on the horizon, it’s important to brace ourselves with snacks to keep us comfortable through shorter days and cooler temperatures. Nothing is more horrific than not having something delicious to munch or sip on as your boss barks orders from his or her office while you’re working on tight deadlines, in the dark at 5:00, with your space heater running rampant. (Farewell, happy days of summer.) Lucky for you, we sampled a diverse line of new products on the Taylor Strecker Show so you can be armed with a grocery list worthy of a promotion. Check out our favorites (and not-so-favorites) below.

Moon Cheese (Pepperjack)

You don’t have to be Neil Armstrong to enjoy these carb-free snacks. Taylor was bold enough to say that Moon Cheese was her all-time favorite product I’ve ever brought on the show. Quite the statement! While I’d have to agree that these are delicious, I’m a bigger fan of their sriracha variety. And why? Salt. What can I say? I’m a sucker for whatever increases my blood pressure.

Catalina Crunch Artisan Cereal (Dark Chocolate)

These essentially taste like unsweetened Cocoa Puffs, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I am obsessed with the company’s commitment to offer a high-protein product that is sweetened with stevia, but the stevia-adverse (cough, Taylor) will not agree. To that I say: You can’t please everyone. Those who can’t live without cereal and are searching for healthier alternatives, here’s your new favorite breakfast. Fruity Pebble lovers need not purchase.

Coconut Collaborative Dessert Pots (Lemon Ganache)

One thing’s for certain: These K-cup-sized pots sure are super cute. But does cute equal tasty? If you’re on the prowl for a quick and easy treat, sans dairy but similar to the texture of cheesecake, these are for you! If you’re really looking to indulge and need something beyond a bite or three, you’ll have to look elsewhere. And while we appreciate the refreshing flavor of lemon, the salted caramel pots reign supreme.

Runamok Maple Syup (Jasmine Tea Infused)

Your waffles and pancakes will be getting a major upgrade with this jasmine tea-infused organic maple syrup. Everything was on point, from the subtle floral flavor to the slightly runny consistency, and we were literally spooning it from the bottle (which looks like a bottle of whiskey). Pro tip: Use this in place of honey for your tea. You’re welcome.

Protein One Protein Bars

These were just okay. While we appreciate the low calorie count and soft texture, it’s not something we’d go out of our way to eat. In a market that’s oversaturated with protein bars, you’ve got to have something unique (taste, ingredients, etc.) that separates you from the competition, and these just don’t cut it. You’re better off eating a stick of jerky.

Sahale Snacks Pecans (Banana Rum)

These. Are. Addictive. In fact, I killed the entire bag on my way to work. If you fear the taste of artificial banana, fear not. This delicious blend of vanilla-rum glazed pecans, cashews, banana chips, and actual banana pieces is so much more than Tarzan’s favorite salty-sweet snack. Be sure to also try their other creatively concocted flavors.

Ginjan Ginger Pineapple Juice

You have to *really* like the taste of ginger to stomach these, which is why I loved them and Taylor gagged. While I don’t approve of the cane sugar addition (fruit juice should suffice as a healthier alternative), this is the type of drink you’ll want to chug if you feel like you’re getting sick. But brace yourself and your taste buds—it really packs a punch!

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