Nothing conjures up the happy memory of your latest road trip quite like the taste of some overly dehydrated beef jerky coupled with a bag of chili picante corn nuts and so much sugar-free Red Bull you’re convinced your heart might explode. And sometimes—and hey we’ve all been there—you just need a bag of Funyuns and a handful of those delightful sweet and sour peach rings to take the edge off after a bad day. No judgement.  No matter what your gas station snack vice may be, here are nine recipes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

Crunchy Corn Nuts

Fa’s Kitchen

Corn nuts are a perennially popular road trip classic and this five minute crunchy corn nut recipe is sure to satiate any craving. The ingredients list is fairly minimal; all you need to do is pick up some frozen fresh kernel corn and slap a bit of garlic powder, chili powder, and black pepper on top and you’ll end up with a delicious corn nut snack in no time. Bonus points if you get a little creative with the seasoning and create your own corn nut flavor.

Frito Pie

Another classic gas station favorite, Fritos are actually pretty versatile when it comes to getting creative in the kitchen. One of the best recipes available on the interwebs is this southern spin on Frito Pie. Granted this does require a bit of legwork, between marinating and sautéing the ground beef (you can also sub out the meat with whatever protein you desire) but the end result is well worth the effort.

The Swedish Fishbowl

Confessions of Cookbook Queen

Ah, Swedish Fish. As delightful and cute as they are delicious, this classic snack looks great swimming around the bottom of a Jell-O shot. That’s right, it’s like a little sweet and chewy surprise at the end that you never knew you’d love. This Fishbowl Jell-O Shot recipe calls for blue Jell-O mix (although you can easily use any flavor under the giant Jell-O rainbow). If you want to take your Swedish fishbowl to the next level and add another convenience store favorite to the mix, sprinkle in some Nerds candy in the bottom to this glorious effect. You’re welcome.

FunYuns, Man

Mom Does Reviews

Funyuns are not only fundamental to life, they are easily one of the most versatile convenience store snacks ever created. Because of the rich onion-y flavor, you can easily coat any raw chicken dish with pulsated FunYuns like this one or add Funyuns to the top of a casserole or even pizza if you’re craving a little extra crunch factor.

Vietnamese Papaya & Beef Jerky

Hungry Huy

Let’s be honest, beef jerky is pretty much the penultimate convenience store snack. There’s something about that hard and chewy textured coupled with the high salt and sodium content that just makes you want to come back for more. Sadly, we don’t see nearly enough of this dehydrated beef on menus. However, this Vietnamese Papaya Salsa recipe gives us the hope that that could change one day.

Taquito Apple Pie

As anyone who abides by the philosophy that gas station taquitos are life will agree, there’s no right or wrong way to get your taquito fix on any given day. They are simply delicious. If you’re looking to spice things up a bit, and maybe take your love for taquitos to the next level, check out this recipe which combines not one but two convenience store favorites into one. Introducing the Taquito Apple Pie. You read that right: Taquito. Apple. Pie. It’s a sweet and creative twist on a gas station classic and it’s pretty exciting.

No-Bake Rice Krispy Cheesecake

The Domestic Rebel

There’s really no wrong way to eat Rice Krispy Treats and this take on a no-bake Rice Krispy Treat Cheesecake is certainly no exception. Speaking of cheesecake, animal cookies are another popular gas station classic and this Frosted Animal Cookie Cheesecake recipe is not only beautiful but adorable to boot.

Taco Pop Tart

You have to be a bit of a masochist if you’re still buying hot pockets and Pop Tarts at the gas station. Not that either of these treats aren’t delicious, they’re just tough (read messy) to eat on the fly. But let’s face it, these delicious pieces of handheld goodness can be adapted into some delicious recipes, like this twofer of a Taco Pop Tart. This is the hybrid gas station snack you’ve been looking for.

Peach Ring Tea

Saving the best for last, peach rings will never go out of style when it comes to being the gas station snack of choice. If you want to take it to the next level, check out this Peach Ring Tea recipe which you can make at home or order off of Starbucks “secret menu.”

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Header image courtesy of The Domestic Rebel.

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