fluffy Japanese souffle pancake recipe

Light as air and fluffy like a cloud, the art of the souffle is taking over the breakfast trend, bringing height and a nice jiggle to the table with souffle pancakes, omelets, and more! It may take a skilled cook to really master a classic chocolate or cheese souffle, but the basics of the technique are suited quite nicely to the everyday breakfast chef. A simple whisk of egg whites truly lifts these foods into another dimension without specialty equipment or expert skill.

The ‘souffle’ method comes from a base of eggs, which lends itself perfectly to breakfast food. To properly souffle, egg whites and yolks are separated and the whites are then whipped into stiff peaks. Yolks are then gently folded back into the whites mixture and then mixed with another sauce (cheese, chocolate, etc.) and baked to achieve a light and airy texture. This process can be a bit tedious, but the first bite into a fluffy souffle is a dream. Read more for how to incorporate this classic technique into modern breakfast dishes:

Japanese Souffle Pancakes

These incredible pancakes are stacked high and have a major jiggle factor! The Japanese method actually cooks these pancakes into molds placed on the skillet, as the batter is fairly loose and needs structure for the classic souffle texture. Get the Japanese Souffle Pancake recipe.

Double-Stuffed, Double-Fluffed Omelet

fluffy souffle omelet recipe

David Malosh

Blending whole eggs and cream until fluffy gives this classic dish an impressive amount of height and tenderness. Nick Korbee, chef at Egg Shop and author of this recipe, stuffs the impressive omelet with bacon, maple breakfast sausage, cheddar cheese, spinach, and mushrooms, but play around with fillings to suit your own personal breakfast, lunch, or even dinner preferences. Get the Double-Stuffed, Double-Fluffed Omelet.

Ham and Cheese Breakfast Souffle

These pastries are perfect for a celebratory breakfast or brunch, puffing up into cheesy, eggy goodness within a flaky pastry shell. As the egg falls, the inside of the souffle will be cheesy and tender—a guaranteed winner. Get the Ham and Cheese Breakfast Souffle recipe.

Dutch Baby Pancake

Dutch Baby recipe


Similar to one big souffle, this eggy pancake puffs up dramatically in the oven and then sinks in the middle—but still tastes delicious, whether you take it in a savory direction (like this Smoked Salmon Dutch Baby recipe) or top with syrup, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and/or fresh fruit. Get our Dutch Baby Pancake recipe.

Goat Cheese Egg Souffle Cups

A crust of puff pastry is fitted into small ramekins and filled with light and fluffy souffle batter. Creamy and delicate goat cheese is whisked into the yolks before folding into the egg whites, adding a delicate and creamy flavor to these decadent cups. Get the Goat Cheese Egg Souffle Cups recipe. (Or try the similar copycat Panera recipe above.)

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