We keep wondering: After more than a decade, has the Internet finally run out of stuff? Apparently not. The English firm West Country Farmhouse Cheesemakers has ginned up some innovative, low-impact new video content … by aiming a webcam at a rack of its aging cheddar cheeses.

According to Reuters, nearly 50,000 people—presumably driven by a mad passion for aged dairy products—have already clicked through to watch mold grow on cheese in real time.

“It puts watching paint dry in the shade,” a company spokeswoman ambiguously told Reuters, implying that watching cheese age is either much duller than watching paint dry, or somewhat more interesting. “If you happen to tune in at the right time you will even get to see them being turned,” she added, her voice dropping to a husky, seductive whisper.

This, of course, sets the stage for other webcams. Who wants to watch whiskey age? That sounds kind of appealing. Or wheat get harvested? Or pigs turning magically from living creatures into delicious sausages?

Sky’s the limit, guys!

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