For Californians in search of authentic New York pizza, the struggle is real, especially if you’re an East Coast transplant who’s dying for the perfect slice. Well, JetBlue is here to ease your pain. For three days at least.

The airline has partnered with Patsy’s Pizzeria in Manhattan to deliver their pies to select Los Angeles residents. From May 9 to May 11, the airline will carry up to 350 pizzas daily to from JFK to LAX. While filling a notorious West Coast culinary gap, the stunt’s main purpose is to celebrate and promote JetBlue’s new route from New York to Los Angeles.

The promotion is being called “Pie in the Sky” and here’s how it works. Any L.A. resident who lives within the delivery zone (you can check on their website to see if your address qualifies) can order either a 16-inch cheese ($12) or pepperoni ($15) pie. The pizzas are made fresh at Patsy’s Harlem restaurant in their coal-fire oven, and then packed in coolers and flown 2,800 miles across the country. Once in L.A., they’ll be brought to a kitchen and prepped for a final delivery.

The company even consulted with a specially trained pizzaiolo (that’s a fancy word for “pizza chef”) to ensure that quality is maintained throughout the process. The entire schlep takes about eight hours, but hey, the wait is worth it if you want the best pizza in the entire world! (It’s also because we have the best water in the world, so there!)

Since supplies are limited and the offer is only good for a few days, JetBlue recommends getting your order in early. The first ones can get placed at midnight! And if you can’t get in on the pizza action, just eat a taco instead. You do those well! Or maybe top it off with a doughnut for dessert.

Header image courtesy of JetBlue.

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