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Welcome to Slow Cooker Week! We’re sharing all our favorite Crock Pot recipes, tips, tricks, and advice this week—and including the Instant Pot, of course, since it slow cooks too. Here, we’re getting meta and looking at cooking with pot in a slow cooker (by any other name…).

You already knew that the humble, but beloved Crock-Pot can cook food low and slow, just in time for your dinner, tailgate, chili cook-off, or holiday party. In fact, the Crock-Pot has such a solid reputation for slow cooking everybody’s favorite comfort foods, that one could easily take for granted a few more tricks under its lid.

Seriously, did you know, in fact, you could, theoretically, be cooking with pot in the Crock-Pot, right now? File these away for 4/20 or start experimenting now (if it’s legal where you are, that is). Here’s a list of pot in the Crock-Pot recipes to get you started.


cannabutter recipe (what is cannabutter?)


Perfect for brownie, cookie, or cake-making, a jar of ready to use cannabutter can be stored in the refrigerator or freezer and can be used for cooking or baking just like regular butter. Get the Crock-Pot Cannabutter recipe.

Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil


Drizzle cannabis-infused olive oil over a salad, stir fry meats and vegetables with it, or use it in any recipe that calls for regular olive oil. Get the Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil recipe.

ABV Coconut Oil


Want to get twice the use out of your weed? Consider giving your ABV, or already-been-vaped cannabis a new, culinary life as ABV Coconut Oil, which can sub in for butter or oil in any recipe, but avoid cooking it at high temperatures, which will destroy the medication. Get the ABV Coconut Oil recipe.

Cannabis BBQ Sauce

Crock Pot BBQ sauce


Kick back, relax, and add a little buzz to your next barbecue with this Cannabis BBQ Sauce, which is sweetened with mango juice and brown sugar and kicked up with chili flakes, cayenne pepper, and Dijon mustard. Get the Cannabis BBQ Sauce recipe.

Herb Farmhouse Chicken

This Herb Farmhouse Chicken marries together chicken thighs, cremini mushrooms, white wine, garlic, onions, and more of your typical Sunday, roast chicken-type ingredients, but with a kicker of cannabutter and cannaoil. Get the Herb Farmhouse Chicken recipe.

Crock Pot Turkey Chili

spicy turkey chili


Warm up and cozy down to tunes of this turkey chili. The grape jelly and chocolate chips deepen the flavor of the chili, while the cannabis-infused olive oil enhances the quality of its comfort-giving. Get the Crock Pot Turkey Chili recipe.

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Bacon and Cheddar Pot-Potatoes

Your medicated go-to for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or late-night snack, these smokey Bacon and Cheddar Pot-Potatoes are warm and filling. Get the Bacon and Cheddar Pot-Potatoes recipe.

Cannaqueso Dip

real cheese queso dip


Having a 4/20 party? Share a bowl of this Cannaqueso Dip with your buddies. While it is understandably tempting to wolf down chips and dip, edibles are more potent than smoked or vaped weed and can take hours to take effect. So keep this warm in the slow cooker as long as you need to. Get the Cannaqueso Dip recipe.

Crock Pot Apple Cannabutter

easy homemade apple butter recipe


Not your average grandma’s apple butter, this Apple Cannabutter spreads easily on toast, pairs well with chicken or pork, and can be enjoyed by the spoonful. Get the Crock Pot Apple Cannabutter recipe.

Infused Granola

popped amaranth granola recipe


Nutritious, yet satisfying to your sweet tooth, this infused granola is made with an assortment of healthy ingredients, including gluten-free rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, pecans, agave nectar, medicated coconut oil, and more. Get the Infused Granola recipe.

Cannabis Infused Honey

best honey recipes

Vesna Jovanovic / EyeEm / Getty Images

Just when you thought a cup of tea could not get any more comforting, someone had to concoct cannabis-infused honey to sweeten the deal. Prepare for cozy town and get the Cannabis Infused Honey recipe.

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Weed Wine

two glasses of red wine on picnic blanket


Let one of Chowhound’s own writers show you how to make your own Weed Wine, an “easy-to-make, potent alternative to regular vino, but it packs a serious punch.” You can even spice it up with “nutmeg, orange peel, cinnamon, maple syrup, and cloves,” just like you would a mulled wine. Get our Weed Wine recipe.

Become a “Ganja Gourmet” with this full guide to cooking with cannabis and find out the difference between marijuana butter and cannabis oil.

Disclaimer: This article is about cooking with cannabis, which may or may not be legal in your area. Neither Chowhound nor its parent company encourage or endorse any irresponsible behavior or illegal activity. If you choose to use cannabis, please do so responsibly and only where permitted by law.

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