Wolferman’s Bakery recently broke a world record for the largest cinnamon roll. The gooey monstrosity weighed a whopping 1,149.7 pounds! It took over 11 hours to bake and more than 100 people to create it. That’s a lot of frosting.

If you’re sad to have missed out on this gigantic achievement, you’re in luck. In honor of this new world record, Wolferman’s doesn’t want anyone to miss out on eating oversized baked goods. The bakery will literally ship a five-pound cinnamon roll straight to your doorstep. And that doesn’t include the extra 12-ounce packet of icing it comes with! It might be 229 times smaller than the world record holder, but it’s estimated to feed 40 people. Or one really hungry person. Hey, it’s still way larger than anything you’d snag at the your local mall’s Cinnabon kiosk.

Here’s how it works: You order the 80-ounce bun from their website and they’ll ship you a cold version of it. But don’t be alarmed—it comes with heating instructions. While the baking pan it comes in is technically microwavable, it’s gargantuan size may prevent it from even fitting in the appliance at all.

In terms of price, it costs 50 bucks, but if you get a bunch of friends to chip in, it could be worth it. (Though then you have to share it with them, so maybe not?) At the very least, it could make a very nice edible centerpiece for your next fancy dinner party. Because nothing screams class like a mound of cinnamon and sugar-covered dough in the middle of your coffee table.

The good folks at FoodBeast recently ordered one and claimed that, in spite of its massiveness, it still  “has plenty of chew, flavor, and sweetness, and the cream cheese icing coats it to perfection.” Sounds like Wolferman’s is on a roll!

Header image courtesy of Wolferman's.

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