Last week Sonic announced that they will be selling a pickle juice slush drink later this summer. The limited edition flavor is only the latest mainstream iteration of this savory dessert trend that has gone too far.

Local boutique retailers have long prided themselves on this obscure flavor. Little Baby’s Ice Cream, a shop in Philadelphia sells cucumber dill ice cream. And one Cleveland pickle company even joined forces with a local chocolatier to sell chocolate-coated pickle spears in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. But in recent years these seemingly bizarre dessert choices have become more popular than ever. A pickle cupcake recipe even went viral last spring.

Malley’s Chocolates

But why? What can possibly account for this strange craving taking over the internet? Maybe we’re just really over chocolate-covered pretzels? Maybe we overdosed on salted caramel? But seriously, when did we collectively decide that 2018 would be the year of the pickle dessert? Has all of American suddenly gotten pregnant? Or did we just run out of flavors? I guess given the sad state of the world, now is as good a time as any for us to take briny cucumbers to maximum weirdness.


While I can get behind a good sweet and salty combo, I don’t really think we need to be incorporating a vegetable that’s best served fried, or as a vinegary garnish, as an after dinner treat. And if I wanted to drink pickles, I’d do a shot of whiskey and follow it up with a shot of pickle juice. I do not need a 48-ounce slush cup of it procured from a chain drive-thru.

By all means, savor as many of these gross mash-ups as you please. In the meantime I’ll be gobbling crisp spears from a jar, devoid of chocolate or cake batter. Naked and free and in my mouth, just as nature intended.

Header image courtesy of the Cupcake Project

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