Crepes are much more than pancakes’ thin relative–they are an uber-versatile pastry that can be served at any time from brunch to lunch to when you’re on the go. The thin pastry, typically made from flour, eggs, milk, and butter is also much more than just a vehicle for Nutella, but can pair with a variety of fruits and savory ingredients, too. And that’s not all that can be used to tweak this dessert–adding unique additions to the batter can also create a surprising end result. Here are nine ingredients to mix into these hot cakes tout suite.

Poppy Seeds

Joy the Baker

You’re already eating poppy seeds in your bagels and muffins, why not your crepes, too? When using them in a recipe, you end up with a slight nutty flavor that balances well with the traditionally sweet treat. Just don’t forget to check your teeth after eating them! Try this recipe.

Cocoa Powder

Center Cut Cook

The only thing better than a dessert is a chocolatey dessert. By swapping out some flour for cocoa powder in your batter, you’ll end up with a mouth-watering chocolate confection that combines perfectly with summery fruits like strawberries. Try this recipe.

Food Coloring

The Proper Blog

It’s time to bust out the food coloring in your pantry for a more grown-up version of Funfetti cake. Use green for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day crepes or try out a few different shades for an Instagrammable spread. Try this recipe.


The Gold Lining Girl

Craving a sweet and nutty dessert? Then featuring amaretto in a crepe recipe is exactly what your brunch table needs. If you’re a big fan of tiramisu, you’ll love the flavors this liqueur adds to your crepe. Try this recipe.  

Edible Flowers

Craft Foxes

Flowers can do much more than look pretty. (Though placing a few blooms in bud vases on your table will make your setting even more aesthetically pleasing.) Sprinkling some petals into your crepe batter can add some decor to your meal without affecting the taste. Do a bit of research before crumbling just any flower on your pastry, though, since not all kinds are edible. Try this recipe.


The Girl Inspired

Are you a fan of citrusy desserts like key lime pie and lemon cake? Then you need to try putting some lemon into your crepe mixture for an end result that is sweet without being overly saccharine. When life gives you lemons, make them into lemon crepes. Try this recipe.

Espresso Powder

espresso crepes with ice cream

Whole Latte Love

When you’re severely java obsessed, it’s not enough to just have coffee in your coffee—you need it in your food, too. Sprinkle some espresso powder into your crepe batter for a hit of joe that also works well with chocolate. Try this recipe.


Turntable Kitchen

Avocado toast isn’t the only trendy food that should make an appearance during your a.m. meals. Add some matcha powder into your mixture for a tea flavor that also packs a slew of health benefits like providing antioxidants and boosting your metabolism. Try this recipe.



What’s more “french” than Champagne or crepes? Putting them together! Pouring in some of the bubbly stuff leaves behind a subtle fruity flavor as it cooks off. Try this recipe.

Header image courtesy of Turntable Kitchen.

Kelsey Butler is a reporter and editor based in New Jersey. She has written for a number of health and lifestyle publications, including Women's Health, Brides, and NBC News Better. Hot sauce, black coffee, and bacon make up 50% of her diet.
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