British supermarket Asda is selling an Easter egg made of cheese and everyone in the U.K. is very egg-cited! It’s being marketed as a Cheester Egg (Cheese + Easter = Cheester, get it?).

An Asda spokesperson had this to say about the product: “Following the incredible response to our Christmas cheese advent calendar, the Cheester Egg was the obvious next step to show our customers that we’re constantly listening and ensuring there’s something for everyone at Asda this Easter.” Clearly every holiday deserves a cheese of its own because, duh, everyone likes cheese. Except the lactose intolerant…and that’s because they’re mad that they can’t eat it.

But beyond cheese being inherently great, we’re not sure what the big deal is about its shape. This is just a molded blob of Blacksticks blue cheese. It can’t possibly compete with the heights of string cheese sticks and all their pull-able glory. But regardless, some people on Twitter sure were pumped:

Hear that, this magical cheese is either amazing or a disaster. Let’s see where this goes. The suspense is killing me.

That’s right, the Cheester egg isn’t even a complete egg! What kind of nonsense is this?! The other half of the package contains a small pack of mini oatcake crackers and a packet of sticky caramelized onion chutney. Those sides are all well and good, but not when they’re taking the place of what could be more cheese. How deceptive! This Easter, when it comes to cheese, we’ll take a giant platter. And when it comes to eggs, we’ll stick with Cadbury, thank you very much!

Header image courtesy of Asda.

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