If your vegan products are marketed as “so wickedly good, you’ll barely believe its ingredients are not in the slightest bit naughty,” you may want to make sure that claim is actually true. One company found out the hard way. CO YO, which makes non-dairy yogurt, got a bit of a surprise when traces of milk were found in their supposedly vegan goods.

When your company’s name is an abbreviation for the phrase “coconut yogurt” you shouldn’t expect this to happen. You had one job, vegan yogurt, one job! Will we ever learn to trust again?!

Apparently a third-party supplier was responsible for the mix-up. CO YO has since cut ties with them “to ensure this never happens again.” “We are devastated by this, especially as being dairy-free sits at the heart of everything we do,” the company said in a statement on Twitter. You can read their full statement in the tweet below:

While the UK-based company sells its products in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the tainted batch of yogurt was only sold in Britain. And rest-assured, they are offering full refunds to anyone who bought the yogurt with a “use by” date earlier than March 16, in case you feel duped. In the meantime, we’ll be extra skeptical of the ingredients in any seemingly healthy product. Because if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. You are better off sticking with junk food instead.

Header image courtesy of Co Yo.

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