Every year millions of us watch the Super Bowl, not just for the game, but for the commercials. This year’s batch was a mixed bag, giving us a non-stop parade of celebrity cameos, fancy cars, crappy beer, and awkwardly corporatized social consciousness. When it came to ads for our favorite food products, the results were just as jumbled. We break down the best, worst and weirdest food and beverage commercials of the night. So grab some M&Ms and Doritos Blaze, ditch your Bud Light, and check out rankings below.

The Bad

Let’s get the worst out of the way. While Bud Light has only been using the “Dilly Dilly” campaign for a few months now, it already feels like a relic from 2014. The catchphrase tiresome, annoying, and tailor-made for frat bros who who want to feign chivalry while picking up one-night stands. Go ignore the Bud Knight and watch some Monty Python instead.

On a more mediocre note, Bill Hader and Owen Wilson marveled at Pringles stacks, but AHEM, the Chowhound Staff did it first AND better months ago when we ranked all 25 flavors and made our own combos. Sorry guys, we’re way ahead of you.

The Famous

As hinted at with the above Pringles clip, the biggest trend of the night, by far, was celebrity appearances. Some cameos worked better than others, but here are a few that stood out.

Chris Pratt was super endearing as the smugly naive, almost-pitchman for Michelob.

Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman rap-battled it out for Doritos and Mountain Dew Ice. In the end, we are all winners. It’s got almost enough fierceness to hold us over until the next season of “Game of Thrones.”

The Best

And in perhaps the best casting choice of the night, Danny DeVito plays an M&M turned human. DeVito is a natural master of physical comedy and he taps into his nihilistic Frank Reynolds persona in his performance. It’s a perfectly apt character to channel, given the results of the game. It is indeed sunny (and utterly chaotic) in Philadelphia.

The HUH?

Avocados apparently aren’t popular enough. They now require commercials. And really weird ones at that. People are trapped inside a dome without chips and wifi. It’s a living hellscape complete with Chris Elliott shilling autographs. Someone please tell us what is going on here.

Header image courtesy of Mars, Incorporated.

Jessica is a former Associate Editor at Chowhound. Follow her on Twitter @volume_knob for updates on snacks and cats.
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