Whether you’re a Seamless addict or a neighborhood diner devotee, quesadillas probably make frequent appearances on your plate due to their ubiquity. But just because they’re everywhere—from your favorite drive fast food chain to your go-to Mexican restaurant—doesn’t mean they have to be boring. In fact, there are a ton of ways to revamp the grilled food with some unique additions. Here are the unexpected ingredients you should add to your quesadilla ASAP (but probably not all at once)!


Closet Cooking

Bored with the same old, same old chicken quesadilla? Then mixing up the protein in your dish is an easy way to break up the monotony—particularly if fish tacos are your standing food truck order. Baked salmon pairs well with as much guacamole as you can fit on your plate. Try this recipe.

Sweet Potato

The Pretty Bee

In addition to adding some sweetness to your food, sweet potato always deliver a hefty serving of fiber and nutrients to your meal. You can use up leftover sweet potatoes, quickly roast some in the oven, or cheat and throw some in the microwave if you’re pressed for time. Try this gluten-free recipe.


Mountain Mama Cooks

Broccoli and cheese are a classic combination, so why not put them together in a quesadilla? Chop up the broccoli (finely so it will fit in a tortilla), saute your veggies with a generous serving of butter, and let the greens and cheese be the main focus of the meal. Try this recipe.


Living Well Spending Less

Cheddar isn’t the only option for a quesadilla. Uber-versatile brie pairs well with sweet and tart fruits like apple or apricot for an alternative to the classic savory version of this dish. Try this recipe.


Mushrooms are a way to beef  up your quesadilla without actually adding meat. (Pardon the pun.) Saute a handful of sliced ones and throw them in a classic version for a vegetarian option… or use them to add some flavor to a chicken or chorizo-based recipe. Get our Mushroom Chorizo Quesadilla recipe.


Budget Bytes

Whether you’re switching it up with a Mediterranean-inspired quesadilla or are just piling your favorite nacho fixings into a tortilla, olives are always a great ingredient to add. No matter if you reach for kalamata or classic black, their briny flavor is bound to be a hit with salt-loving diners. Try this recipe.


Winstead Wandering

Quesadillas aren’t just for lunch anymore. Next time you’re putting a dessert together, why not try a sweet version of the meal? Swap out cheese and meat for chocolate chips and marshmallows or strawberries for an ideal bookend to your dining experience. Try this recipe.


Real House Moms

Do you douse every quesadilla you eat in hot sauce? Then why not put some heat into the tortilla instead of on it? Throw some diced jalapeños into a cheddar cheese quesadilla for some additional kick or add in cream cheese with the spicy guys for something more akin to a jalapeño popper. Try this recipe.


A Night Owl

Turkey and cranberry shouldn’t just be relegated to the Thanksgiving dinner table, folks. The combination of sweet, salty, and tart work just as well as they do at the fall holiday when they’re all wrapped up in a grilled tortilla. Trust us, it will be something to be grateful for. Try this recipe.

Header image courtesy of Mountain Mama Cooks.

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