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Not to be confused with some nutrient-rich rice bowl packed with veggies, just when you thought you’d solidified some healthy eating habits for 2020, along comes the Super Bowl. Ah, the Big Game, that thrilling annual event that pits the season’s two strongest opponents against each other—your steely resolve to actually be in control and make sound choices about what you ingest this year, and the seemingly bottomless abyss that is your appetite, which has strength, speed, and endurance where bingeing on party snacks is concerned.

More (Relatively) Healthy OptionsHow to Make Crispy Baked Buffalo WingsWhether you’re a genuine sports enthusiast, just into it for the commercials and to see whether the halftime show includes any memorable wardrobe malfunctions this year, or simply can’t resist the opportunity to host any snack-forward occasion, let’s go on the offense and load up our party table with veg-focused appetizers. The benefits are two-fold: Your underrepresented vegetarian friends will be thrilled, and even if you do binge your way through the evening, you’re bound to stay within the healthy eating guidelines from the 12 (or maybe 20) servings of vegetables you’ll likely chow.

You can still check off all of the requisite boxes for game day hosting—nachos, chili, “wings,” pizza, dips, skins, sliders, poppers, etc.—with this selection of on-theme vegetable snacks that will guarantee you (insert obvious sports metaphor here) with your friends!

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Easy Vegetarian Chili

vegetarian chili


If you seek an all-star player who can get the job done singlehandedly, look no further than this G.O.A.T. vegetarian chili, which is basically a hearty bowl of health masquerading as junk food. Get our Easy Vegetarian Chili recipe.

Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

buffalo cauliflower


Even the most die-hard junk food aficionados in your life will hardly notice that these aren’t chicken while they munch happily away on spicy buffalo goodness, their faces alit with the soft glow of the tube. Get our Buffalo Cauliflower Bites recipe. (And if you need a fully vegan version, our Baked Vegan Buffalo Cauliflower recipe is a winner.)

Creamy Cucumber Avocado Rolls

Just the thing to cool off with after nonstop munching on buffalo bites, plus you need an excuse to show off your newly acquired mandolin with razor thin cucumber slices. Get the Creamy Cucumber Avocado Rolls recipe

Veggie Sheet Pan Nachos

veggie sheet pan nachos

Alexis deBoschnek

If you don’t offer nachos, will it even have counted as a game day party? Not one to be accused of unsportsmanlike conduct, hedge your bets with these vegetarian sheet pan nachos topped with quick pickled chiles. Get the Veggie Sheet Pan Nachos recipe

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Veggie Burger Sliders

Adorable, on-brand for a big game party, and great vehicles for a variety of cheeses, even more vegetables, and clever sauces, these party sliders are sure to be a home run! (Wait, am I doing this right?) Get the Veggie Burger Sliders recipe

Cauliflower Crust Pizza

If you’re the MVP game day host that you think you are, you’re going to have to show up with all of the requisite snack boxes checked, and that means pizza. Fortunately, cauliflower is exactly like that second-string player that goes in the game late and pulls out the victory. Get our Cauliflower Crust Pizza recipe.

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Red Pepper Hummus

roasted red pepper hummus recipe


Hummus would be a fine veggie option unto itself, but here’s a variation with a higher potential wow factor, employing roasted red peppers for some smoke and heat and…wait? Yes, another vegetable. Get our Red Pepper Hummus recipe.

Broccoli Cheese Balls

World class sportsmanship sometimes requires making bold choices, and you are just that kind of quarterback who’s willing to throw a hail mary and unapologetically serve up broccoli at a football viewing party. Plus, it’s studded with cheese and baked crisp, so like, who’s going to come rushing at you? (Add bacon for a non-vegetarian take.) Get the Broccoli Cheese Balls recipe

Mexican Corn Dip

Mexican street corn (or “elote”) has become ubiquitous with summer grill parties, but the addictive combination of corn, lime, cheese, and chili translates just as well to the bowl as the cob. Go for the extra point by stovetop grilling your corn first, then serve up some corn-on-corn action with tortilla chips, or simply dish it out into paper cups with spoons. Get the Mexican Corn Dip recipe

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Sweet and Spicy Stuffed Peppadew Peppers

Literally nobody will miss those generic, frozen jalapeño poppers in the presence of these beauties, which combine lightly spicy pickled peppers, creamy goat cheese, salty parmesan, and a sweet, reduced balsamic glaze. Your mouth will be having an end zone celebration to rival those of the even the most self-congratulatory running backs. Get the Sweet and Spicy Stuffed Peppadew Peppers recipe

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Loaded Sweet Potato Skins

So long as you’re improving upon typical bar food fare like wings and nachos for your veggie game day spread, why not take on potato skins? Straightforward enough for your least epicurean compadres with a simple swap for sweet potatoes, and easy enough for you to make a huge batch to have on hand so you will never be caught offsides. Get the Loaded Sweet Potato Skins recipe.

Vegetarian Tacos


Tortillas are basically ambassadors for all other foodstuffs, and serving tacos at any gathering is the epitome of good sportsmanship, so its a guaranteed win on your part to offer these robust squash and roasted poblano tacos. You can make no such claims about the squares you selected on the big game score grid. Get our Vegetarian Tacos recipe.

Sriracha Sweet Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Wait, is this a tailgating party or the latest hipster brunch spot? Either way, who among us would throw a flag on the play for the opportunity to eat Brussels and Sriracha together? Get the Sriracha Sweet Chili Roasted Brussels Sprouts recipe.

For more game day recipes and other advice and tips, check out our Super Bowl headquarters.

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