It’s hard not to like honey, and a couple of food bloggers have fallen hard for the golden sweet stuff recently. January, it seems, was all about honey.

Just back from New Zealand, home of manuka honey among others, Wayne of 101 Cookbooks takes you through everything you need to know about honey—from polyfloral to monofloral varieties. A trip to the recent Fancy Food Show in San Francisco allowed for some serious sampling of honey from around the world. Want to hear about the Sardinian “bitter honey,” leatherwood honey from Tanzania, or Javanese mango blossom honey? You’ll be drooling halfway into his account.

If you’ve already got your honey and are looking for some interesting things to do with it, Lara at Cook & Eat has been experimenting with honey as well. Check out her blog for recipes such as honey roasted chicken, honey walnut tofu with sweet mango wontons, or a delicious honey elderflower glacé.

Though if honey was January’s flavor of the month, perhaps David Lebovitz is ahead of the curve. His wonderful piece on French honey, particularly honey from Brittany, was posted last October and includes book suggestions for further reading.

Apparently the French start these trends, even when it comes to honey.

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