Anyone remotely familiar with Taco Bell knows the fast food franchise loves concocting hybrid food mash-ups with faux-Mexican flair. This is a restaurant that turned Doritos and fried eggs into taco shells, after all. The Bell, however, has been a lot less gimmicky in the dessert arena—a major missed opportunity, if you ask us. That is until now.

Enter the Chocoladilla. Taco Bell’s newest concoction features Kit Kat bars melted inside a warm flour tortilla. And for those craving caramel, there’s also a Twix variation being rolled out. Think of it as portable fondue or crepes and Nutella’s trashy, but totally delicious, American cousin. Monstrosity or masterpiece, you decide. (It’s a masterpiece obviously, how is this even a question?)

Given the dollar price point, you really can’t go wrong with the combination of candy and carbs, especially if you want a warmer alternative to Klondike’s Choco Taco, Taco Bell’s ice cream-based reigning champ of Tex-Mex sweets. Pair it with a Mountain Dew A.M. (that’s Mountain Dew mixed with Orange Juice for those less acquainted with the TB menu) and you’ve got a new breakfast of champions. Take that, Wheaties!

If you’re wondering when and where you can get your hands on a Chocoladilla, be forewarned. While available abroad for over a year, right now select Wisconsin locations are the only U.S.-based places you can buy this bad boy. If it does well in this test market, its majesty may spread across the nation.

In the meantime,  perhaps the Chocoladilla’s scarcity can serve as the impetus for that Midwestern road trip you’ve always wanted to take? We hear Milwaukee’s lovely this time of year, especially when grilled chocolate awaits. Don’t forget to pack your anorak from Forever 21’s new Taco Bell fashion line either. Because the Taco Bell brand extends beyond gross-out novelty foods. It’s a way of life.

Header image courtesy of Taco Bell.

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