It’s time to get basic, folks. The pumpkin spice wave has officially crashed into grocery stores nationwide and we got our hands on some of the most talked about products. From granola and cookies to crackers and cream cheese, the madness can’t be stopped. We sat down for our biweekly taste test segment with SiriusXM’s Wake Up with Taylor to test out some of these limited edition offerings and provide our 100% unfiltered reactions. Check out the clip below, as well as a full list of what was sampled.

Purely Elizabeth Pumpkin Cinnamon Ancient Grain Granola

We’re still not entirely sure if granola is a healthy breakfast option, but this stuff tastes amazing. We love the salty-sweet contrast of the seasonal blend, as well as its use of coconut sugar and oil. While it’s not necessarily something we’d eat by the bowl, it’s a perfect mid-afternoon snack during an annoyingly long work day.

Sabra Greek-Inspired Hummus

I am a hummus addict. In fact, I eat it pretty much every day of my life. Sabra, hands down, is my favorite brand. It’s the perfect consistency and always the most flavorful. This limited edition Greek-inspired variety is certainly a kick to the taste buds. While it’s definitely heavy on the oregano (which will be polarizing), it’s just another crave-worthy option to add to Sabra’s long list of flavors (roasted garlic will always be the best, IMO). Are any of you able to *not* eat an entire tub? If so, please share your secrets.

Nutmeg and Cinnamon Triscuits

We’re surprised Nabisco hasn’t come out with a Triscuit flavor like this before! If you’re looking for the perfect vessel to sweet fall ingredients like apples, pears, and squash, here’s your cracker. Top it with goat cheese or honey for an even sweeter indulgence.

Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Joe-Joes

Holy sugar content, Batman. We love ourselves some Trader Joe’s, but these were just entirely too sweet. They also tasted nothing like pumpkin. That being said, they are chockfull of ginger and would be a great gingersnap alternative when you’re in a bind. Just don’t tell your dentist.
Twisted Tea
Since we despised alcoholic cold brew coffee, we were worried that iced tea would yield the same results. Not the case! Twisted Tea offers a surprisingly refreshing can of sippable tea with five percent alcohol content. Was it the best thing we’ve had in the world? No. Will it make for a unique option at your next football tailgate? Absolutely…especially if you’re in the South.
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