Soft drinks made with cane sugar instead of corn syrup definitely taste better. The trick is to find them!

Wild Oats store brand, Natural Soda, has no corn syrup, caffeine, or artificial flavors.

Coke imported from Mexico is made with real sugar; check in Mexican grocers. Read the label; more Mexican Coke is using corn syrup now.

Try Boylan’s Cane Cola; their black cherry flavor is also sweetened with sugar.

IBC sodas are made with sugar. Look for rootbeer, cream, black cherry, and cherry cola.

During Passover, you’ll find Coke made with sugar in the Kosher section of supermarkets. It sells out fast!

Dublin Dr. Pepper is still made with the original recipe containing sugar.

Blenheim Ginger Ale, in three heat levels, is made with cane sugar. Even the mildest has quite a kick.

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