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Autumn is apple-picking season and there’s no better way to show off the fruits of your labor than a decorative bowl. Whether you’re wild about wood or fancy a more modern material, there’s a bowl in every shape, color, and size for every kitchen, decor, and personality.
We’ve rounded up 10 of the most eye-catching options we could find. Scroll down and check them out. Your apples, squash, pears, and figs will never look better!

Stainless Steel Rotation Bowl, $21.55 on Amazon


We’re not entirely sure how this bowl works, but we’re not asking questions. It just looks cool, and frankly, that’s all that really matters when it comes to showing off the colors of your harvest.Buy Now

Mango Wood Fruit Bowl, $22.50 on Amazon


Serving fruit on wood brings it back to its source. Aside from being so meta, this hunk of trunk is a a perfect base for any seasonal ingredient. Buy Now

Mesh Apple Fruit Bowl, $10.99 on Amazon


You can call this cheesy all you want. That’s not going to stop us from storing our apples in a thematic mesh container. In fact, we’re going to put all of our fruits in it, how about that?Buy Now

Champagne Marble Fruit Bowl, $33.60 on Amazon


You don’t have to be Kanye West to swallow your home in marble. This champagne slab, resting pretty on a pedestal, will be like offering your fruit as a gift to the gods.Buy Now

Elegance Eclipse Fruit Bowl, $22.14 on Amazon


This may not have been inspired by the solar eclipse, but it’s equally as exciting. Hammered brass is something pretty, shiny, and won’t permanently damage your eyes if you look at it long enough. Buy Now

Moose Antler Fruit Bowl, $38.25 on Amazon


You don’t have to go hunting to retrieve this kitchen-top trophy. Instead, you simply have to log on to Amazon. #convenience.Buy Now

Wire Mesh Fruit Bowl, $19.50 on Amazon


For those who thought the apple mesh fruit bowl was a bit much, this is your subdued alternative. You’re welcome, minimalists. Go forth and purchase. Buy Now

“Stanza Dello Scirocco” Fruit Holder, $51.45 on Amazon


We imagine this fruit bowl in an eclectic South Beach mansion with all-white everything. Or you can just put it in your own home and play pretend. Either works.Buy Now

Fruit Loop Bowl, $59.00 on Amazon


No, this isn’t an old box of Fruit Loop cereal disguised as a fruit bowl. This orbital concoction looks out of this world, which means it’s only deserving of produce with similar tastes.Buy Now

Acacia Wooden Fruit Bowl, $31.41 on Amazon


Two words: banana hanger. That’s the crazy antler-looking growth sprouting from this acacia wood bowl and it is indeed, it’s b-a-n-a-n-a-s.Buy Now

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