Whether it’s a permanent fixture in your bathroom or kitchen, or you’re dreaming of the days when you can plaster the stone all over your beachside mansion, there’s no denying the beauty, versatility, and strength of marble. But it was Kanye West of all people who put a particular type—Carrara—on the map after his over-the-top nuptials with wife Kim Kardashian.

The controversial rapper, never one to skimp on the details, famously ordered a custom marble piano, massive marble table, and 10 marble statues for the cliffside ceremony, all hailing from the mines of Carrara, Italy. Needless to say, Yeezy can have quite the influence on trends and pop culture, which led to a 30% increase in Carrara marble sales since 2009.

Since most of us are Carrara-marble minded, but on a laminate budget, the easiest way to incorporate marble into our living spaces is through accessories. And what better way to upgrade your boring kitchen than with Carrara marble-inspired tools and gadgets?

We’ve rounded up some of the most affordable (and beautiful!) options we could find. Scroll down for budget-friendly design ideas and you too can live a life like Kanye (or at least fake it until you make it).

Marble Pastry Board


Your raspberry and cheese danish never looked so good atop this gorgeous mini slab. Who needs plates when you can enjoy a traditional Italian breakfast with timeless luxury underneath? Get the link.

Marble Paper Towel Holder


With white accessories, there’s no denying that you’ll be utilizing this tool more often than not. Just be sure to get a marble-friendly cleaner. It’s worth the splurge to keep your collection looking museum-quality spotless. Get the link.

Marble Utensil Holder


You may think stainless steel will pale in comparison to this accessory’s metallic streaks, but they actually complement each other quite well. Avoid embarrassment at any future dinner party by using this for plastic cutlery. Get the link.

Marble Fruit Bowl


Frankly, an apple or grapefruit look so much more enticing when served on a luxurious platter. We’ll have to use this for our vegetables, as well. Get the link.

Marble Wine Cooler


Now’s your chance to even more classy AF. In fact, you may want to change your last name to Kardashian before busting out the wine cup to cool that bottle of Merlot. Get the link.

Marble Butter Dish Crock Keeper


You better believe it’s butter that’s going into this dish crock keeper. Any fat substitute, other than a high-quality olive oil, would just be offensive. Get the link.

Marble Spoon Rest


It almost seems blasphemous to splatter this dish with a bright red marinara, but it’s got to serve its one true purpose. Reward it by only dirtying it with delicious homemade sauce and nothing out of a jar. Get the link.

Marble Oven Mitt


Real marble oven mitts would certainly be an interesting invention, but this product gets the job done while matching everything else in your kitchen. A true design win-win. Get the link.

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