Happy Friday! We broke bread (in the form of delicious bagels) with the gang at Sirius XM’s Wake Up with Taylor again during our biweekly taste-testing segment. From Oprah’s mac and cheese to a unique take on energy drinks, check out everything we tried below (featuring extra special guest Jersey Shore‘s Vinny Guadagnino!).

O, That’s Good! Three Cheese Pasta

Oprah may want to consider changing the name of this mac n’ cheese to “O, That’s Okay.” While we certainly appreciate the vegetable-focused mission behind her new line of comfort soups and side dishes, it just didn’t deliver in the bread-loving Oprah way we had hoped for. In fact, we couldn’t taste the butternut squash at all, which was entirely the point of sampling this microwavable alternative to our tried-and-true Kraft favorite. Love you, O, but we’ll have to pass.

Orwashers Bagels

If you’re craving a NY bagel, but live in South Dakota, Orwashers has got you covered. The online bakery ships nationally, featuring more of their iconic products (including the two-pound Levain Locale, an all natural fermentation bread made with high extraction wheat flour). We’re also huge fans of the Jar Beth’s Farm Kitchen Raspbery Jam that is included with some of their bread bundles. Hooray for carbs!

Siggi’s Triple Cream Chocolate Yogurt

Icelandic-style yogurt trumps Greek yogurt. Yep, we totally went there. If you haven’t tried Siggi’s triple cream variety, you’re missing out on a rich, decadent, early morning indulgence that packs a high-protein punch. While the chocolate flavor is tart and subtle, though not necessarily our favorite, it’d be great topped with coconut flakes, seeds, or a fruit of your liking.

Crystal Pepsi 

None of us at Wake Up with Taylor are really soda drinkers, so this wasn’t the most exciting thing to sip in the AM. That being said, children of the ’90s will really appreciate the nostalgic effect of this once discontinued product. Get it while supplies last…or at least until they start adding caramel coloring to it again.

Zola Organic Hydrating Energy Drink

Opinions were certainly mixed (which may have something to do with the Dragon Fruit flavor), but the concept of a completely plant-based, organic energy drink is both unique and appealing. The caffeine is derived from both green coffee and green tea extracts to create a sparkling coconut water drink that aims to refuel, while also rehydrate. While each can contains 21 grams of sugar, it’s certainly a healthier option than Red Bull.

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