There are two things that we are obsessed with texting on a daily basis: emojis and food memes. This may imply that we’re an unusual balance of hungry and animated, but who can resist sharing a) pictures in place of words and b) the thousands of hilarious, creative, and bizarre pieces of internet content that creep into a Google Image search? Not us, clearly.

In celebration of The Emoji Movie‘s release (because that’s a thing) and culinary pop culture references in general, we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite food memes and paired them with corresponding emojis (#somillennial). From Beyoncé’s Lemonade to the withstanding power of avocado, no meme has been left unturned. In fact, we’re pretty sure we’ve now added nearly 1,000 photos to our arsenal (which should last us about 48 hours tbh).

Check out the video above for our picks of the best. And may the world wide web continue to gift us with such simple treasures.

Below are a selection that didn’t make the video cut, but we still adore.

This may be a cat, but it’s also us when we’re called in for supper. And if supper is fried chicken, that window would be shattered.

Literally the story of our lives. We’ll also take a side salad with only oil and vinegar.

Nobody can resist a good pun, especially when it’s full of carbs.

As if perfect Belle actually worries about her figure. Puh-lease.


The real joker is the fool who buys this parfait and actually thinks it’s nutritious. Not that we’re the batman of health food or anything.

“Can’t you see that we’re clearly enjoying it?” – all of us, always. Now please just refill our waters and bring us the dessert menu in advance.

Especially if you are here for the early bird special. Cheer to the weekend that never exists.

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