There are certain terrible, horrible, no good, very bad things in life that you simply can’t un-see and we’re pretty sure this foray into fashion tops that list.

Celebrity chef and Food Network personality Guy Fieri may be the fun-loving (or insufferable), platinum-haired host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, but this time he’s now the inspiration behind a “trendy” women’s bathing suit. And it ain’t pretty.

Crafted by online clothing retailer Beloved, the flaming sunglasses, beard-heavy one-piece is either the most hilarious or horrifying thing you’ll come across during a summer pool party. And while it’s our inclination to side with the latter (just look at that beard placement), we have to applaud the company for sticking to their original mission: “a brand that says it’s ok to wear pizza on your clothing. Or anything else you want, really.” (By the way, you can actually wear pizza on your clothing with their line of shirts, swimsuits, joggers, and accessories).

Those interested in rocking the chef’s face can purchase the suit for $49.95, but can you really put a price on being the center of attention? No, you certainly cannot.
Not feeling Fieri? The site offers a bevy of other unique options, like a man’s chest, Donald Trump, Steve Buscemi, and our personal favorite, avocado. Frankly, we’d also like to put in an early request for Ina Garten swim trunks for summer 2018. It’s basically the only thing we’re missing during a trip to the Hamptons. Well, that and a Land Rover, oceanside home, and linen shirt. We’re definitely missing those too.

(h/t The Daily Meal)

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