Everyone loves the ice cream man, but not everyone loves the idea of chasing down a truck in the heat of summer for an overpriced Bomb Pop or off-brand Drumstick. In fact, we pretty much loathe the cheerful melody that sends us into full panic mode as we rummage for loose change and bolt out of the house like we’ve just spotted Beyoncé.

Luckily for us, Baskin-Robbins has announced plans to up your ice cream obsession by eliminating the struggle to get it. In partnership with DoorDash, the ice cream chain will be delivering its signature flavors to 22 cities across the United States. And to quote our favorite food personality Ina Garten (as one should), “how easy is that?”.

Those salivating for a scoop can place an order via DoorDash’s app or website, but like all good things that make us lazier than we should be, the service comes at a cost: $2.99 on top of the price for your pint.

A great idea? Obviously. Worth it? That’s entirely up to you. We’re certainly willing to cough up the extra cash to avoid the humidity and remain one with our couch.

To celebrate the launch of delivery options, Baskin-Robbins will be giving away free samples of its Mint Chocolate Chip Polar Pizza at stores on July 14 (which seems a bit contradictory to the delivery theme, but it’s free ice cream so #whatever.) The company will also be delivering the Polar Pizzas to several children’s hospitals across the country.

If you’re worried about your ice cream melting, don’t fret. DoorDash’s insulated carriers will do the trick, though you’ll have to forego the whipped cream, which apparently doesn’t travel well under any circumstance.

And if this all just sounds too ridiculous to handle, feel free to one up all of us by making your own homemade ice cream. Just don’t forget the cherry on top. They’re in season.

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Lead image courtesy of Baskin-Robbins.

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