There is absolutely nothing wrong with an ice cream sandwich. In fact, it is one of our favorite summertime treats as we attempt (keyword: attempt) to combat the rising temperatures and hair-frizzing humidity. But ice cream sandwiches may want to watch their back because the ice cream doughnut has arrived and, frankly, it’s here to steal the sugar show.

B Sweet, a Los Angeles-based dessert bar, has been offering the Halo since 2017, but it’s still jaw-dropping: a “hot-pressed glazed donut ice cream sandwich” that is completely customizable. “Hot on the outside, cold on the inside, and yummy all over,” the drool-worthy concoction is essentially everything we could ever ask for in a poolside treat (which is saying a lot because, as true connoisseurs of summer sweets know, there is A LOT to choose from).

But don’t kick your bomb pops and Italian ice to the curb just yet. Unfortunately for most of us, B Sweet only has locations (a dessert bar and two dessert trucks) in Southern Cali, which means we’ll either have to imagine what heaven tastes like from afar or forgo that weekend trip to grandma’s to afford plane tickets.

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Since the latter isn’t a possibility unless you’re a horrible human, though, why not try to imitate these bad boys for yourself? We’ve got a killer jelly doughnut recipe here at Chowhound where the insides can easily be swapped with the ice cream of your choice (we have a feeling that anything with coffee will taste beyond amazing). Sure, things may not be sealed to perfection like B Sweet’s, but you can at least attempt to stuff the hot, fresh-made pastry to achieve the same effect. And if you fail entirely to create a melted mess, the flavors should at least somewhat resemble the original.

Or you can try this biscuit dough hack:

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Who’s going to be the first to try the delicious mash-up as a DIY and report back to us?

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