If you woke up thinking “I don’t have enough edible unicorn slime in my life,” as one does, the creative folks at MyRecipes have got you covered. Because some trends just don’t die, no matter how many charcoal lattes or black and white desserts you serve in protest, we now have unicorn in the form of moldable, Nickelodeon Gak-esque goo. Hooray?

In the rainbow slime’s defense, it does look fun to touch and play with. Sure, the edibility element is certainly frightening (especially after it’s been poked and prodded a million times with germ-filled fingers), but the option to nosh at a moment’s notice is always an added bonus. And frankly, we’re also suckers for anything with glitter.

As a curious human, you may also be wondering how the “treat” maintains its fun consistency. The blend, a mix of xanthan gum, coconut oil, powdered sugar, and cornstarch (all of which can be easily found at your local grocery store) isn’t novel, but it’s certainly something you don’t cook with every day. Our only issue is that the slime’s components are quite possible the last thing we think of when it comes to “unicorn insides,” but the imagination (and science!) is appreciated.

So what’s your overall verdict? A great idea that’s worth the time and effort or something that makes you want to fall face first on a unicorn horn? No matter how you feel, it looks like the unicorn craze is here to stay. So just like a birth mark or the decision to get bangs, you better get used to it.

Header image courtesy of MyRecipes.

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