It was a cold, dark day four years ago when the masterminds behind Skittles decided to bid adieu to their coveted lime flavor. We can still feel the rage and disappointment…the sadness, the despair. Sure, green apple was a trendy and delicious alternative, but tasting the rainbow just never felt the same. The decision still keeps us up at night.

But now it’s 2017, a year where we’ve longed for the happy moments of snacking’s past, and Skittles has finally answered our prayers. Lime will return to Walmart shelves this summer.

The share size packs, which retail for $1.33, will also be accompanied by a lay down pack for $2.48 and a stand-up pack for $6.98. This means you should have enough time and money to buy the bags in bulk, pluck out the lime green Skittles, and store them until the next time Wrigley brings them back (which will probably be another four years, TBH).

For those interested in a Skittles upgrade, the candy gods have also released a line of Skittles Orchards. These feature our beloved lime, as well as red apple, orange (a cop-out, if you ask us), peach, and cherry flavors.

While we’re excited to dive right in and relive the glory days, we’d be remiss to not mention that this news is bittersweet. Once summer ends, Halloween is just around the corner and children everywhere will have to suffer at the hands of green apple again. So keep the #BringBackLime campaign alive, because fruity, sugary bliss will only be temporary. And frankly. complaining to corporate America about trivial things can be fun.

Looking for another way to taste the rainbow? Check out our pride popcorn below. You may not get hints of lime, lemon, cherry, grape, and orange, but you get handfuls of Lucky Charms marshmallows — the next best thing. 

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