New York’s Eleven Madison Park may get all the accolades for its innovative and obviously delicious menu, but behind a great restaurant is typically a great bar.

Matt Seigel, owner of In the Spirit of Hospitality group, was a former bartender at the world’s number one establishment, having concocted classic cocktails for the city’s most affluent, cultured, and opinionated diners.

We met up with the LA-based master of mixology to field his expertise on three of our favorite drinks: the Negroni, martini, and Moscow Mule. Needless to say, we feel like we’ve been doing things wrong the entire time.

Check out the video above, learn a few tips and tricks, then head behind a bar to try these recipes yourself. Happy hour just got even happier; a feat we didn’t think was possible.



According to Seigel, it’s important to follow the 1:1:1 rule for Negronis, meaning that each component (gin, vermouth, and Campari) is mixed in equal parts. Always be sure to pour your spirits into the glass before your ice, otherwise the first spirit will get more diluted than the last. Top with an orange peel and get sipping. Get the recipe.



Gin, vermouth, and a dash of orange bitters: easy peasy, right? Well, sort of. Maintaining a cold temperature is everything when it comes to the perfect martini, including the frozen mixing glass. Seigel is also anti-sweet vermouth and an olive garnish. Apparently it ruins the cocktail’s balance, which should be clear and silky smooth. Get the recipe.

Moscow Mule


Our obsession with ginger beer has gotten a little out of hand, which is why Seigel opts for a ginger syrup (fresh ginger juice and sugar) instead. They key, however, to a perfect mule is its frothy and velvety consistency, best achieved through a whipping process using crushed ice. Get the recipe.

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