red white and blue pop rocks recipes for 4th of July
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Aside from grilled foods and refreshing summer cocktails (because #obviously), fireworks are inarguably the best part of Independence Day. Now you can have your fireworks and eat them too with these creative recipes that utilize one of the best candy creations of all time: Pop Rocks.

From cookies and cupcakes to popcorn and ice cream sandwiches, scroll down for a comprehensive list of 4th of July desserts that pack a major flavor explosion. Just be sure to eat these sugar-filled treats in moderation, otherwise you may be seeing stars. (And not just 50 of them.)

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1. Firework Poke Cake

A brightly colored poke cake is super easy to pull off, and made even more exciting with crackling candy sprinkled liberally on top. Get the Firework Poke Cake recipe.

2. Firecracker Cupcakes

The addition of cinnamon, cloves, and hot sauce set these spicy cupcakes on fire. Can your taste buds handle the heat, or do you need to get out of the kitchen? Get the Firecracker Cupcakes recipe.

3. Firecracker Popcorn

Since kernels essentially explode during the popcorn cooking process, a firecracker popcorn is nothing short of thematically appropriate. Frankly, it’s also fun to eat. Get the Firecracker Popcorn recipe.

4. Pop Rocks Martini

We’ll be sipping on one of these as we huddle under the blankets and wait for fireworks to start. So much classier than a flask or a re-purposed water bottle. Get the Pop Rocks Martini recipe.

5. Firecracker Cakelets

For the truly committed, this project turns out impressive mini cakes that pack a punch in more ways than one. Get the Firecracker Cakelets recipe.

6. Pop Rocks Cookie Pops

Katy Perry may sing “Firework,” but these cookie pops are the star. Dip one side in chocolate for added decadence. Get the Pop Rocks Cookie Pops recipe.

7. Pop Rocks Ice Cream Sandwiches

A taste combination so complexly delicious that it will have you standing up to salute the nearest American flag. #TeamUSA. Get the Pop Rocks Ice Cream Sandwiches recipe.

8. Firecracker Margarita

If you’re not sipping rosé, chances are you’re sipping a margarita. Give your favorite summer bev a holiday kick with a Pop Rocks-lined rim. Go even crazier by mixing it with salt. Get the Firecracker Margarita recipe.

9. Pop Rocks Cherry Bombs

These vodka-soaked cherries provide the best of so many worlds: cherries, liquor, white chocolate, and candy. Can we celebrate our country’s independence every day? Get the Pop Rocks Cherry Bombs recipe.

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10. Pop Rocks Mousse

Red, white, and boo-yah to this fun take on a fancy classic. These layers aren’t anything less than lovely. Get the Pop Rocks Mousse recipe.

11. Fire Cracker Rice Krispies Treats

Snap, crackle, pop takes on a whole new meaning with these Pop Rock-heavy treats. We are eternally grateful for marshmallows. Get the Fire Cracker Rice Krispies Treats recipe.

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