Connoisseurs of fruity candy, we bring you good news! Since you’ve probably grown tired of the all-around basicness that is Starburst and Skittles (sarcasm, clearly), the folks at Wrigley have decided to upgrade your mid-afternoon, sugary experience with an unexpected and fiery kick. Introducing: Spicy Starburst and spicy Skittles.

We know you’re probably thinking “why mess up a good thing when you have it?,” but hear us out for .2 seconds. Spicy and sweet is a flavor combination that has been enjoyed for centuries, so it only makes sense for us to experience the dynamic duo in candy form (and in a candy that isn’t cayenne-infused chocolate or cinnamon). Why not start with two of our most beloved go-to treats to expand our binging horizons and try something new?

The Sweet Heat flavors won’t be rolling out until December, but can be sampled at this weekend’s annual Sweet & Snacks Expo in Chicago. Skittles will be available in Single Pack for $0.99, a Share-Size Pack for $1.79, a Laydown Bag for $3.19, and a Medium Stand-Up Pouch for $2.59, while Starburst will be available in Single Pack for $0.99 and a Laydown Bag for $3.19.

New Skittles flavors will include Fiery Watermelon, Flamin’ Orange, Sizzlin’ Strawberry, Blazin’ Mango, and Lemon Spark (which, frankly, all sound like amazing drag queen names), while Sweet Heat Starbursts will boast Fiery Watermelon, Strawberry Mango, Flamin’ Orange, and Pipin’ Pineapple. These are quite the departure from each brand’s traditional flavors, but we’re never one to scoff at a good tropical theme.

Needless to say, we can thank Wrigley now for giving us (and Santa) a head start on this year’s last-minute stocking stuffers. And yes, we’re 100 percent aware that it’s May and we’re already talking about the holidays. The early bird gets the worm…or, in this case, spicy candy.

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