Often touted but rarely reviewed, Phong Dinh is good for more than their famous baked catfish and exotic meats, says pleasurepalate.

It’s a good idea to pre-order the baked catfish, a feast in itself. It comes with all sorts of veggies, vermicelli and rice-paper wrappers. The fish is delicate, moist, and tender.

Charbroiled goat spare ribs are glazed with an amazing spicy bean curd marinade. It’s only a little hot, but it’s a sweet heat with a subtly smoky flavor. The goat ribs are surprisingly meaty.

Quail eggs covered in shrimp paste and crispy sweet rice flakes, served with ginger plum sauce, are also really good once you get over the surprise of seeing green eggs. (No, there’s no ham.) The shrimp paste and sweet rice stand up to the usually gamy flavor of quail egg, taming it into an interesting flavor combo.

The menu includes boar, kangaroo, ostrich, quail, snake, and frog legs. Kangaroo sauteed with black pepper and flambeed is tender and cooked well. The meat has a strong taste, like goat or lamb.

Phong Dinh [San Gabriel Valley]
2643 N. San Gabriel Blvd., Rosemead

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