mushroom chorizo quesadilla recipe
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It’s hard to go wrong with a warm, gooey cheese quesadilla. But there are many ways to dress it up, as these 12 quesadilla recipes prove.

No matter what you fill it with, it’s cheap, fast, easy, and kid-friendly (but show us an adult who doesn’t love these too). And if you needed another reason to adore quesadillas, the way they welcome any and all leftover roasted or grilled meat and veggies is a huge plus.

Consider it for a perfect quick weeknight dinner, or serve as an after-school snack—or work-from-home lunch. And if you’re so inclined, quesadillas can even be dessert.

A cast iron grill pan or indoor electric grill are both good ways to make any of these recipes, but a regular cast iron skillet also works well.

1. Chicken Quesadillas

chicken quesadilla recipe


A perfect way to use up leftover rotisserie chicken (and/or yet another good reason to meal prep poached chicken), these simple quesadillas really shine with a combo of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese, plus a sprinkle of fresh cilantro inside. Get our Chicken Quesadilla recipe.

2. Chipotle Pork Quesadillas

chipotle pork quesadilla recipe


Kick your quesadillas up a notch. We use spicy and smoky chipotle chiles to create a rich tomato-based sauce for savory pork. Fresh cilantro brightens up dish. The filling makes for excellent leftovers for lunch the next day. Get our Chipotle Pork Quesadilla recipe.

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3. Tequila Shrimp and Asadero Quesadillas

Tequila Shrimp Quesadilla recipe


Skip the cocktail and put your booze in your dinner tonight. This gooey, toasty quesadilla combines asadero, a mild Mexican cheese that melts beautifully, with tequila-soaked shrimp. Get our Tequila Shrimp and Asadero Quesadilla recipe.

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4. Ham and Cheese Quesadillas

ham and cheese quesadilla recipe


Turn your basic ham and cheese sandwich into a toasty and warm quesadilla. Chopped ham combines with mild melting cheese in this simple three-ingredient recipe. Use the freshest, best quality corn tortillas you can find. Get our Ham and Cheese Quesadilla recipe.

5. Mushroom and Chorizo Quesadillas

mushroom chorizo quesadilla recipe


Earthy mushrooms and spicy chorizo turn your average quesadilla into a power lunch. Use cremini mushrooms to get a fuller mushroom flavor, and choose a soft and mild melting cheese like Oaxaca. With only five ingredients, this recipe is simple enough to whip up at any time of day. Get our Mushroom and Chorizo Quesadilla recipe.

6. Crunchwrap-Style Quesadillas

homemade crunchwrap recipe


No need to make a Taco Bell run—it’s dangerously easy to make homemade Crunchwraps, which are basically an enclosed quesadilla with a crunchy layer in the middle. Get our Crunchwrap Quesadilla recipe.

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7. Pork Chicharron Quesadillas

pork chicharron quesadilla recipe


Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best ones. With only three ingredients, you can have a crisp, melted cheese quesadilla for dinner. You’ll need corn tortillas, pork chicharron, and a mild cheese like Asadero or Monterey jack. If you want to get fancy, find some spicy salsa or hot sauce for dipping. Get our Pork Chicharron Quesadilla recipe.

8. Grilled Steak Quesadillas

Grilled Steak Quesadilla recipe


Your leftover steak just got a serious upgrade. Sandwich smoky chipotle steak slices between two crisp tortillas, and add plenty of cheese. The result is a quick and easy twist on a steak sandwich that’s satisfying, warm, and easy to make. That’s a lunchtime meal we can get behind. Get our Grilled Steak Quesadilla recipe.

9. Poblano Quesadillas

poblano quesadilla recipe


Vegetarians, your perfect quesadilla is here. In this meatless take on a quesadilla, mild roasted poblano peppers are paired with gooey mild cheese inside two crunchy tortillas. This is quick but sophisticated cooking at it’s finest: four ingredients, six steps, tons of flavor. Swap in vegan cheese if you need. Get our Poblano Quesadilla recipe. (And try our Bell Pepper Quesadilla recipe too.)

10. Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas

Can’t decide between pizza and Mexican food tonight? We feel you, and here’s the ultimate solution: pizza quesadillas. The technique couldn’t be simpler; layer pepperoni, mozzarella, and pizza sauce between two tortillas and cook until crisp. If you want to get creative, add in your favorite toppings, like black olives or mushrooms. Get the Pizza Quesadilla recipe.

11. Grilled S’mores Dessert Quesadillas

Fill a quesadilla with anything you’d put in a sweet crepe and heat it up for a gooey, crispy, delicious dessert; Nutella and anything (peanut butter, strawberries, bananas) is a great idea, but add marshmallows for an extra-messy s’mores version. The cinnamon sugar crust on the outside of the tortilla really takes this over the top. Get the Grilled S’mores Dessert Quesadilla recipe.

12. Caramel Apple Pie Quesadillas

Since it is fall, an apple option seems timely; these pie-inspired quesadillas can be made with your favorite homemade apple pie filling, or your preferred brand from the store. The same cinnamon sugar crust comes into play, with warm caramel sauce for dipping on the side. Get the Caramel Apple Pie Quesadilla recipe.

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