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Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, of course. But we all have an idea of the perfect version – yours might be crunchy and studded with dark chocolate or soft and chewy with creamy milk chocolate chunks. Today, we’re talking about some tips to make a chewier, softer chocolate chip cookie. If you like yours crunchy and crisp, get our Crisp Chocolate Chip cookies recipe.

Now onto the chew! There are a few things to keep in mind when aiming for a softer texture with your cookies:

1. Flour

For classic chewy chocolate chip cookies, stick with all-purpose flour. When you start introducing things like whole wheat flour or spelt flour, you’re going to affect the texture of your final cookie. That doesn’t mean you can’t bake a chewy whole-wheat chocolate chip cookie, but it requires more manipulation.

2. Fat

Gimme Some Oven

When baking cookies, you’ll be using some sort of fat, typically butter. However, if you want to make a very chewy cookie, coconut oil is the way to go. Coconut oil produces a cookie that is softer and less likely to crisp up than a butter-based cookie. You can either try subbing coconut oil for the butter in your favorite recipe, or try this recipe here.

3. Baking Time

A surefire way to create chewier cookies is to underbake them slightly. No, you don’t want them to be raw in the middle (then we’d just all be eating cookie dough, which isn’t a bad thing but isn’t quite the point of this article), but you want to take them out while they still look and feel soft. The edges should be set, but the center should look slightly underbaked. Let them cool, and then reap the chewy rewards.

4. Sugar

Most chocolate chip cookie recipes call for regular white granulated sugar. Swapping some of the sugar for a sweetener with more moisture (like brown sugar or molasses) can help create a chewier texture. Don’t swap all of the white sugar out or you can alter the texture negatively, but try a small substitution and see how you like the result.

5. Secret Ingredients!

Cooking on the Side

For chewy chocolate chip cookies, there is one additional baker’s trick. Try adding a teaspoon of baking powder to your dough. Baking powder encourages dough to rise (which is why we use it in biscuits and breads). It makes sense: Causing the dough to rise slightly higher means your cookies won’t be as flat, and therefore not as crunchy. Get the recipe here.

Now go forth and bake cookies! Start with your favorite classic chocolate chip cookie recipe and experiment to your heart’s content.

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