Do you love your beef? Really, really love your meaty meat? Then the Cattlemen’s Beef Board might just have $50K with your name on it.

Thanks to Nicole over at Slashfood, we’re going to start chatting up our local beef purveyors to see what ideas they’ve got for the 27th National Beef Cook-Off, open to all amateur cooks. And it’s not all meatballs and BBQ; this year’s categories include Nuevo Latino, Dynamic New Dishes, Grilled Small Plates, and Kids in the Kitchen (which kids can enter with their parents).

The emphasis is on foods for a healthy, active family, so nix the beef Wellington—most entries have to be prepared and cooked in 60 minutes or less. Professional chefs, food writers, and other food-industry types can’t enter—but all you bloggers (unless you’re actually getting paid to post about your meaty adventures), go wild! We’d love to see someone out there get a high-profile win using naturally raised, grass-fed beef. Mr. Biggles, your thoughts?

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