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Chilaquiles are the redheaded stepchild of the food world. Breakfast calls it a brunch food. Brunch calls it a Mexican food. Many Mexican restaurants in this country ignore it for the allure of tacos and loaded nachos. It’s time for chilaquiles to take center stage. This egg, tortilla, and salsa dish is equal parts easy, versatile, and incredibly delicious. Need more proof? Check out these reasons why chilaquiles are, quite frankly, the world’s greatest food.

1. Everyone does nachos for game day, and lots of people do eggs for brunch. By combining the two, you are staking your claim as the ultimate host(ess). Get the recipe here.

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2. It’s the perfect hangover food – spicy, eggy, and crunchy. Add some hair of the dog and it’s everything that you need to combat that wicked headache. Get our Chilaquiles Breakfast Casserole recipe.


3. It works equally well for Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day. No food dye necessary for this verdant version, only fresh cilantro, green tomatillos, and a plethora of peppers.

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4. It’s cheap and a little bit goes a long way. Add heft to your recipe using ingredients like frozen vegetables and all of the random chunks of cheese in your fridge. Get the recipe here.

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5. It’s the perfect way to ruin your obnoxious roommate’s white shirt that you “borrowed.” Sure it’s evil, but revenge never tasted so spicy and delicious.

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6. It uses up stale tortillas and about-to-go-bad garlic. What other recipe makes refuse taste so spicy, savory, and downright craveable? Get our Chilaquiles recipe.

7. It’s versatile – vegetarian, extra spicy, dairy free, etc. Feel free to add some shredded chicken or pork to this recipe in case your crowd loves vegan AND bbq dishes. Get the recipe here.

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8. It’s great for any meal at any time of day. Breakfast, dinner, or midnight snack – this is satisfying and delicious at any time that hunger calls. Get the recipe here.

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9. It comes together quickly without much prep. It can be made with just about anything you have in the pantry and is ideal for last minute get togethers. Get our Breakfast Nachos recipe.


10. It’s an excuse for guacamole. As if you needed an excuse for guacamole, right? Get our Guacamole recipe.


11. You can eat out of the same pan that you cook in – boom, 1 dish meal. Perfect for that night when you just can’t handle doing dishes because your fully loaded DVR is calling.

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