Pictured: Horseradish Deviled Eggs with Seared Steak and Blue Cheese recipe from CHOW

There’s a reason hard-boiled eggs never go out of style: they’re easy to make, portable, nutritious and satisfying. But it’s fair to say that eating them on their own all the time can get boring; so can basic deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. If you’re sick of eating them the same demure ways, here are a few ideas that coax hard-boiled eggs out of their shell.

1. Breakfast Sausage and Cornflake Scotch Eggs


Encase boiled eggs with pork sausage and breadcrumbs, and you have Scotch eggs. Sub in breakfast sausage and crushed cornflakes, and you have an exciting morning twist on the pub classic. Get our Breakfast Sausage and Cornflake Scotch Eggs recipe.

2. Egg-and-Spinach-Stuffed Meatloaf


With its impressive presentation, this all-in-one meatloaf manages to be both homey and fancy at the same time. Get the recipe here.

3. Wasabi Deviled Eggs With Roe and Crispy Nori


Deviled eggs are ubiquitous these days, but this Asian rendition, which is spiked with nose-clearing Chinese mustard and wasabi, then topped with roe and nori, doesn’t feel tired at all. Get our Wasabi Deviled Eggs with Roe and Crispy Nori recipe.

4. Beet Deviled Eggs With Smoked Blue Cheese


An earthy beet-and-egg filling and smoked blue cheese topping makes this vegetarian deviled egg recipe just as exciting. Get our Beet Deviled Eggs with Smoked Blue Cheese recipe.

5. Egg Salad Gribiche


Marry gribiche—a cold French sauce made with egg yolks, mustard, capers, herbs, and gherkins—with hard-boiled eggs, and you wind up with a piquant egg salad that’s stellar on top of chicken, fish, or bread. Get our Egg Salad Gribiche recipe.

6. Asparagus Mimosa


This dish of dressed asparagus topped with grated eggs would be an elegant addition to a springtime lunch or brunch. Get our Asparagus Mimosa recipe.

7. Lentil Salad

Martha Stewart

Lentil salad is a French bistro classic, but it’s traditionally made with pieces of bacon; this meatless version, which substitutes hard-boiled eggs, has just as much substance. Get the recipe here.

8. Pickled Quail Eggs


With their miniature size, quail eggs can serve as the ideal bar snack, especially when made punchy with vinegar brine and stained pink for visual appeal. Get our Pickled Quail Eggs recipe.

9. Chicken Liver Stuffed Eggs


Call it chicken on chicken on chicken: egg yolks are mixed with chicken liver, then served in halved egg whites for the ultimate chicken experience. Get the recipe here.

10. Kabocha Squash Scotch Eggs


Scotch eggs may have been born in the UK, but here they take on a distinctly Japanese angle, thanks to a crust that’s made with red miso, kabocha squash, and panko. Get our Kabocha Squash Scotch Eggs recipe.

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