The craft food revolution has given us an amazing array of pickles, jams, charcuterie, and sweets. Behind them all is a generation of makers: the men and women who are creating the richest and most diverse culinary landscape in our history. Turning a passion for barrel-aged Sriracha, handmade beef jerky, or a collection of gutsy restaurant dishes into a career takes time and determination. Only the most committed and passionate makers, the ones with vision, grit, and stamina, can transform a concept into something memorable.

We’re proud to launch our new video series, “Makers,” an up close and personal look at some of these innovators as they share techniques and tips for elevating food to the extraordinary. We’ll see their dishes, hear their stories, and glimpse their struggles.

We’ll take you into their kitchens, and show you how to re-create a handful of their dishes at home. To help, we’re partnering with Plated, a new company that delivers weekly boxes of fresh, pre-portioned ingredients that make it easy to cook chef recipes at home.

First up in our series is Los Angeles. LA is bursting with talented food makers; we’ll focus on a few of our favorite chefs, from Alvin Cailan, who slings amazing breakfast sandwiches in Grand Central Market, to Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo, the chef-entrepreneurs behind the restaurants animalSon of a Gun, Trois Mec, and Petit Trois. We’ll get to know the makers behind the city’s dynamic food scene, and hope to inspire you to push yourself to go beyond the ordinary and to embrace authenticity in the kitchen.
All photos by Carleigh Connelly

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