If you’re the kind of person who would always choose a slice of pie over a piece of cake, then it doesn’t get much better than a big slice of chocolate pie, perhaps one of the greatest dessert combinations of all time. Check out these nine kinds of chocolate pie that will satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving.
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1. Chocolate Bourbon Pie

You’ve heard of bourbon pecan pie, and now there’s chocolate bourbon pie. Hedy Goldsmith’s chocolate bourbon fudge tart is a no-brainer: The filling is incredibly rich and creamy (with sour cream, butter, cocoa powder, and chocolate), and you can substitute maple syrup for an interesting twist if you can’t find Lyle’s Golden Syrup at the grocery store.
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2. Mile-High Chocolate Pie

This mile-high chocolate pie is what every middle-school student wishes would be served for dessert at the school cafeteria. With a billowing whipped cream topping decorated with crushed chocolate wafers and chocolate shavings, this pie looks as beautiful as it tastes. Wipe the knife between slices to ensure you’ll have a clean cut.
Photo and recipe from Bon Appétit

3. Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Oreo Pie

A five-ingredient pie that looks like you spent hours in the kitchen whipping up a masterpiece? Yes, this dark chocolate salted caramel Oreo pie has come to save the day. The crust is made out of crushed Oreos, and then there’s a smooth layer of caramel, topped with a layer of melted chocolate chips, and finished off with some sea salt. This recipe is incredibly simple and a great way to entice your kids to help out in the kitchen—with Oreos, who can resist?
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4. Chocolate Chiffon Pie

Chocolate liqueur, heavy cream, chocolate, and gelatin form the base for the filling of this diner classic; whipped egg whites make it fluffy. This is a great recipe to make up to 24 hours ahead because it needs time to sit in the fridge. To save time, feel free to use a prebaked or store-bought crust, and then you can put this pie together in a matter of minutes.
Photo and recipe from Fine Cooking

5. Chocolate Marshmallow Pie

This chocolate marshmallow pie combines two favorite childhood flavors for a delicious combo. With 30 whole marshmallows in the recipe, this is another fast and easy pie that doesn’t require much skill to assemble. Try decorating it with mini marshmallows or confectioners’ sugar to make it look extra fancy.
Photo and recipe from Sweetapolita

6. Chocolate Meringue Pie

This pie is basically a flaky pie crust filled with chocolate pudding (change up the flavor and choose vanilla or butterscotch if you’re feeling brave) and then topped with a torched meringue. With only six tablespoons of cocoa in the filling, it’s a great choice if you’re inviting guests who aren’t crazed chocoholics and prefer something a little less chocolate-heavy. Try making this recipe into individual tartlets too for special occasions.
Photo and recipe from I Made That!

7. Chocolate Pecan Pie

Pecan pie is a solid choice for dessert, but chocolate pecan pie is truly outstanding. This recipe is adapted from Paula Deen and has two whole cups of pecan halves, as well as dark chocolate chips. Garnish with extra chocolate chips, and if you’re feeling festive you can do some lattice work with the leftover pie crust for a truly spectacular sweet.
Photo and recipe from Remodelaholic

8. Chocolate Mint Pie (a.k.a. Grasshopper Pie)

Marshmallow Fluff, crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and half-and-half come together to make a rich and luscious filling in this chocolate mint pie recipe from The Pioneer Woman. Kind of like the pie version of a Thin Mint cookie, this recipe has a cookie crust, and green food coloring contributes to its magical appearance. Garnish with whipped cream and cookie crumbs and you’re ready to go.
Photo and recipe from The Pioneer Woman

9. Chocolate Coconut Chess Pie

Evaporated milk and sweetened shredded coconut make this chess pie just the right thing for someone with a serious sweet tooth. If it isn’t chocolaty enough for you, try changing up the crust with a crushed cookie variation or a chocolate pie crust like Martha Stewart’s. If you find the pie too sweet, try using unsweetened coconut or toasted coconut flakes for a subtle nutty flavor.
Photo and recipe from Melissa Ray Davis

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