Get excellent traditional mini-biscotti (called cantucci di Prato) at Emporio Rulli. They’re delicious and small, the right size to serve with coffee after dinner, says Melanie Wong, who notes they’re better dunked in coffee than in vin santo.

Danilo Bakery does a respectable job with mini-biscotti, though not at nearly the level of quality of Rulli.

rworange is “crazy in love” with the biscotti at La Biscoterria. Mini biscotti direct from the bakery are fresh and delicious, and their pre-bagged biscotti sold in markets are no match at all.

Dianda is beloved by hounds for things like their Italian rum cake and almond torte, but skip the sweet, cakey biscotti, say bernalgirl and Mari.

Emporio Rulli [Marin County]
464 Magnolia Ave., Larkspur

Danilo Bakery [North Beach]
516 Green St., San Francisco

La Biscoterria [Peninsula]
2747 El Camino Real, Redwood City

Dianda’s Italian American Bakery [Mission]
2883 Mission St, San Francisco

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Where to buy good mini-biscotti in SF?

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