If you’re planning on spending the holiday opening scores of presents and watching all the Christmas movies your DVR has room for, then you’ll need to load up on some serious sustenance beforehand. So why not make an event out of it with one (or more) of these holiday brunch stars? Whether you opt for stratas or scones, you’ll win over the entire family (and have an instant pass on washing that sink full of dishes).

1. Egg, Cheese, and Chive Tartlets

These open-faced breakfast tartlets have the enviable ability to be impressively elegant yet effortless to make, thanks to frozen puff-pastry shells. With their spruce-colored chives, sunny eggs, and (optional) crispy pancetta, they’ll look like edible presents at Christmas breakfast.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

2. Baked Fruit Three Ways

After a month of holiday festivities filled with the likes of eggnog, roasts, and cookies, a fruit-filled breakfast will be a breath of fresh air. But don’t mistake healthier for boring: Brûléed brown sugar and woven puff-pastry toppings promise to keep things exciting.
Photo and recipe from A Beautiful Mess

3. Rabanada

In Brazil, rabanada, the country’s version of French toast, is served as a holiday dessert, not unlike pumpkin pie or Christmas pudding. Break Brazilian tradition and have it first thing in the morning; the cinnamon-sugar-coated, crispy-on-the-outside, custardy-on-the-inside treat will surely start your day off on the right foot.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

4. Chocolate-Cinnamon “Babkallah”

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating the lighting of the menorah, the birth of Christ, or simply gingerbread latte season, we urge you to spring for this chocolate- and cinnamon-flecked loaf of goodness, a babka-challah hybrid that beats out the overhyped croissant-donut any day.
Photo and recipe from Bon Appétit

5. Gluten-Free Banana Blueberry Waffles

Hosting houseguests who are gluten intolerant? You’ll make them (and anyone who’s a breakfast lover, really) very, very happy when you serve waffles filled with bananas and blueberries.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

6. Panettone Christmas Bread Pudding

Take bread pudding to festive heights by replacing plain white bread with a seasonal favorite, panettone, which is studded with candied citrus and raisins for a fruitcake-like flavor.
Photo and recipe from Serious Eats

7. Ham and Cheese Scones

Rich, savory Black Forest ham and Gruyère cheese scones can be easily made ahead and baked the morning of for an indulgent holiday treat.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

8. Sweet Potato and Spinach Breakfast Strata

With its layers of whole-wheat sourdough, fontina cheese, sweet potato, and herbs, this breakfast casserole is guaranteed to appeal to vegetarians and meat eaters alike.
Photo and recipe from The Kitchn

9. Eggnog French Toast

Eggnog-drenched French toast not only adds a bit of the holidays to breakfast, but it also happens to be a really great way to use up all that leftover nog.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

10. Gluten-Free Cranberry-Pecan Muffins

Got half an hour? Then you have time to surprise loved ones with these seasonal fruit and nut muffins for breakfast. Bonus: Extras make ideal on-the-go snacks.
Photo and recipe from Chowhound

11. Ham and Cheese Advent Wreath

If you truly want brunch to impress, set aside some extra time to make your own yeasted bread and braid it into a holiday wreath with ham and cheese. Make it even more substantial by slipping a little egg in there, too.
Photo and recipe from Alice and the Mock Turtle; header image and waffle recipe from Chowhound

Susannah Chen is a San Francisco–based freelance writer. When she’s not cooking or writing, she’s on the hunt to find the world’s best chilaquiles. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.
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