Romesco sauce. The name sounds fancy and old-world, and I imagine because it’s not rooted in Mexico, like most things I eat, I didn’t really appreciate it whenever I tasted it in the CHOW Test Kitchen. Romesco is from Catalonia, in Spain; it’s a rough purée of tomatoes, roasted peppers, pimentón, and garlic, thickened with almonds and stale bread. We made it again this week. One small taste set off a series of ideas, and now I’ve put it on just about everything: roasted potatoes, a ham sandwich, and a grilled chicken burrito. Here it is with shrimp:

I’ve globbed romesco onto white beans, and eaten it with fried eggs more times than I should probably mention.

Romesco sauce: Make it tonight, eat it all week. Start with breakfast.

Photos, styling, and animated GIF by Chris Rochelle

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