Enmoladas, enfrijoladas—there are so many varieties of enchilada, it can make your head spin. Here are just seven delicious variations on chicken enchiladas worth checking out:

1. Enchiladas Verdes

This enchiladas verdes recipe from CHOW member MuyBueno uses mild Anaheim chiles to make the sauce green, and cuts it with whey or buttermilk to make it creamy.

2. Enchiladas de Chile Ajo

Take a trip to Oaxaca with Saveur’s Enchiladas de Chile Ajo, featuring a sweet chile, tomato, and garlic sauce.

3. Red Mole Enchiladas with Shredded Chicken

Cookery Bookery’s simple Red Mole Enchiladas with Shredded Chicken is based on a Rick Bayless recipe, which uses dried ancho chile peppers for a sweet and spicy mole that’s perfect with chicken.

4. Chicken Enchiladas Verdes with Tomatillos & Serrano Peppers

Elise from Simply Recipes makes her chicken enchiladas verdes with tomatillos and serrano peppers using sour cream to balance out the spiciness.

5. Chicken Enchiladas de Mole Negro

The Artful Gourmet makes the sauce for her chicken enchiladas de mole negro with dried guajillo peppers and dark chocolate for a slightly spicy dish with a touch of smokiness.

6. Mole Coloradito Enchiladas

Rick Bayless’s Mole Coloradito Enchiladas combines dried anchos, raisins, almonds, and Mexican chocolate, and mellows the sauce out with the help of a fresh tomato.

7. Enfrijoladas

Mexico in My Kitchen’s enfrijoladas are chicken enchiladas made with a puréed black bean sauce spiked with a little dried arbol chile pepper and topped with crumbled fresh Mexican cheese like Cotija.

Photo Credits: Chris Rochelle / CHOW, Enchilada Verde / Scrumptious and Sumptuous, Enchiladas de Chile Ajo / Saveur, Red Mole Enchiladas, Enchiladas Verdes / Simply Recipes, Enchiladas de Mole Negro / Artful Gourmet, Rick Bayless / I Heart Cooking Clubs, Enfrijoladas / Mexico in My Kitchen

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