If you’re looking to catch up on your booze news, check out this week’s Link posts from the CHOW Community. The theme of the week appears to be alcoholic beverages, and considering the weekend is just around the corner, we can’t think of a better time to start stocking up on beer, wine, and spirits headlines. Here are our top five conversation starters shared by the Community this week.

The Dirty (literally) secrets on why 2 Buck Chuck at Trader Joe’s is so cheap…
If you’re a fan of Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wine, affectionately known as Two Buck Chuck, this story may make you lose your love (and appetite) for the affordable brand.

The Price of Beer All Over The World
Always on the lookout for affordable beer? Time to book a trip to Ukraine, which boasts the cheapest beer on a list of countries (Ukraine’s came in at only 59 cents for a half-liter of domestic). The most expensive? You’ll just have to check out pinehurst’s post to find out.

Humphrey Bogart’s Real English Gin set for US launch
In collaboration with Rok Drinks and the Humphrey Bogart Estate, Bogart’s Real English Gin will hit the US markets next month, and considering the actor’s open consumption of the liquor throughout his films, branding a gin with his name is no surprise.

‘Cluster effect’ crucial to a wine region’s success, say researchers
Chowhound zin1953 shares an article highlighting the theory that wine producers need to commit to a collective strategy in order to build wine communities with global recognition. This piece, originally published on Decanter.com, gives you something to think about the next time you’re reading over a wine list and see Beqaa Valley (home to some of Lebanon’s best-known vineyards) next to Priorat (the wine region in Catalonia, Spain) and wonder why one is more acclaimed than the other.

8 Things Nutrition Experts Wish You Would Stop Saying About Food
Balance all this booze talk with a discussion on nutrition, posted by Gio. Who knew that “detox,” “clean,” “gluten-free,” and “low-carb” could be such misleading terms?

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Photo credits: Two Buck Chuck by Jennifer Conley; beer bottles by Taku; vineyard by Vincent Brassinne; nutrition photo by Kayla Seah, all under Flickr Creative Commons

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