The news just gets better in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, whose fast-improving dining choices now include promising pizza with deep New York roots. At five-week-old Fina Pizza Bar, the wood-fired oven’s from Naples and the house style’s a cross between Neapolitan and New York—”refined old school,” as brooklynsabra writes on Chowhound.

It’s a style honed over decades by owner Anthony Carrubba’s Sicilian-American family at Majestic Pizza, a perennial ‘hound favorite in Lower Manhattan. Popular orders so far, he says, include the margherita pizza and spinach-sausage calzone. But JackS, keeping things simple, chose the basic plain pie and came away impressed: “The sauce is nice and piquant, the pies are doused with olive oil, and the cheese is good.” Fina, which is awaiting a beer-and-wine license, also sets an inviting mood—”not a brightly lit greasy-slice kind of place,” JackS adds, but “more of a Lucali kind of vibe. … I can see this being a destination.”

If so, it’ll be just one more destination in a neighborhood that in recent years has welcomed first-rate coffee, Italian and American takeout, upmarket pub fare, and Middle Eastern vegetarian cooking—a modest but emerging restaurant row. “That’s what we’re trying to do here,” Anthony says.

Fina Pizza Bar [Windsor Terrace]
3007 Fort Hamilton Parkway (between E. Second and Third streets), Brooklyn

Photo of Fina's mushroom-olive pizza by Mark Hokoda

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