What will we be eating in 2007? Personally, I hope to subsist primarily on incendiary moong dal and freshly made banh mi.

As luck would have it, the latter is one of the hot “buzzwords” for 2007, according to restaurant consultants Joseph Baum and Michael Whiteman. They’ve put out a white paper that forecasts the top ten food trends and buzzwords for the coming year. Here’s a sneak preview of your dining life in the coming 12 months: pork belly to finishing salt to pastel-hued cauliflower to chef-driven steakhouses to chocolate (sample wisdom: “America’s going nuts for

Although many items in their crystal ball seem right-on, their anointing of Peruvian cuisine as “the next big thing” while dissing Indian cuisine for being “too complicated for the home chef” rings false, despite the presence of cuy in Houston’s ethnic markets.

Predictably, bloggers are having a field day.

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