Overwhelmingly, chowhounds agree that clear Pyrex pie plates are your best choice for achieving a well-browned bottom crust. Since it is clear tempered glass, you can easily see the color of your crust, unlike with a solid metal pan. “A pie is not done until you can see a deep brown bottom,” states Becca Porter. You may need to cover the top crust or edges of your pie crust with foil or a pie crust shield to keep it from overbrowning before the bottom is done. Pyrex pie plates are ubiquitous–they’re available in almost any kitchenware department and many supermarkets–and inexpensive, at around $4 for a 9-inch pan.

Karl S says that an old-fashioned mid-century metal pie pan with a mesh bottom was the best ever for browning. The modern equivalent are Chicago Metallic perforated pie pans, which have holes in the bottom that allow the oven’s heat to flow freely around the bottom crust. Procrastibaker notes that Gourmet magazine chose these pans as best for browning.

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Best type of pie pan for browned crust

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